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Model railroad track manufacturers

This partial list of model train track manufacturers is an online extra from the July 2017 Model Railroader
Looking for model railroad track-related products? Here's a partial list of suppliers.
Track manufacturers

Here is a partial list of suppliers of track and related products.

Atlas Model RR Co.
Z, N, HO, and O scale sectional and flextrack

Bachmann Trains
N and HO sectional track

BK Enterprises (Trout Creek Engineering)
N, TT, HO, S, O, and large scale turnouts and hand-laying supplies

Central Valley Model Works
Hand-laying supplies

Details West
Hand-laying supplies

Fast Tracks Hobbyworks
Hand-laying supplies

Hornby America
N (Arnold) ­and HO (Rivarossi) ­sectional and flextrack

JMD Plastics and Hobby
Hand-laying supplies

Kappler Mill & Lumber Co.
Hand-laying supplies

Kato USA
N and HO sectional track

Large-scale sectional track

Life-Like Products (Wm. K. Walthers)
N and HO sectional and flextrack

HO, Z, and large scale sectional and flextrack

Micro Engineering
N, HO, and O flextrack, large scale sectional track, and hand-laying supplies

Micro-Trains Line Co.
Z sectional and flextrack

MTH Electric Trains
HO, S, O, and large scale sectional and flextrack

Oak Hill Model Railroad Track Supply
Hand-laying supplies

Z, N, HO, O, and large scale sectional and flextrack

Shinohara (Wm. K. Walthers)
HO flextrack

N sectional track

N and HO sectional and flextrack

Wm. K. Walthers
HO flextrack

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