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Weather a brick structure

Brick structures show their age in ways that are easy to reproduce on our plastic models. Paint washes and airbrushing can give brick buildings a sense of age that makes them look well used and authentic.
Common in residential, commercial, and industrial districts alike, brick buildings are fixtures on model railroads of every era. And while buildings in the first two locations may appear well cared for, industrial structures ­often show their age. But what might ­reflect badly on a business looks great on our layouts, giving our structures a sense of realism and history.

Modelers over the years have used many techniques to weather their brick buildings, from drybrushing to airbrushing to paint washes to powders. I’ve used all of those methods, building up the weathering in layers depending on the material I’m working with and the effect I’m trying to achieve. In this case, I wanted a fairly heavily weathered industrial building, and was working with a plastic kit, so I used several paint-based methods.

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