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A signature N scale truck for Tehachapi

Read the N Scale Insight column from the March 2018 Model Railroader
A stock truck on a local road near Tehachapi, Calif., is an indicator that this is cattle country. Jim Kelly was pleased to find this Road Apples kit, until he had to build it.
Roen Kelly photo
This photo of a cattle truck at Caliente, Calif., existed in my mind for perhaps 10 years before it finally came to fruition, and it was spurred by buying a Road Apples N scale stock trailer kit.

The kit had two things going for it. First, I thought the photoetched metal sides were really neat, and it turned out, they were. Second, it was the first model I’d ever seen of a modern livestock trailer.

I’ve often seen trucks like these serving ranches near the Tehachapi Loop. This was cattle country, and a truck like this would be a signature vehicle for my layout, one that would help the viewer understand what I’m trying to accomplish.

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