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Lehigh Valley RR Bloomsbury, N.J., depot drawings

An online extra from the October 2015 Model Railroader
Download the plans for this model railroad depot

I learned about the LV’s former Bloomsbury depot when researching the railroad’s other wooden depots in Upstate New York. Information came from the Lehigh Valley RR home page ( The appearance of the building interested me, and this warranted a special trip to measure and photograph it. When I visited, the building was an Agway farm goods facility. Fortunately, the store was open and the owner at the time, Richard Kleuze, showed me his collection of historic depot photographs. These showed the changes to the structure over the years. In addition, he had an old plan that confirmed my dimensions.

Faced with the many variations, I drew the most interesting version with the bay window and the elevated platform surrounding the building. I also included the small restroom and coal storage shed.

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