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Model Railroad Planning 2014


No matter the size of your model railroad layout, the wealth of ideas and advice in Model Railroad Planning 2014 will put you on the right track!

Expert tips and 11 all-new track plans for Z, N, HO, and O scales offer information you can use when planning the design, construction, and operation of your own model train layout.

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Issue Preview:



Action at the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal

Accommodating lots of action and detail on a peninsula on this HO scale model railroad

Video: The Magnolian arrives at the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal

Video: New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal


Modeling SP’s Siskiyou Line in N scale

A multi-deck N scale model railroad set in the 1970s

Alice Street revisited

A 4 x 8-foot N scale track plan that includes almost every feature of its Santa Fe prototype

A moving experience

An update on a “retired” HO scale model train layout and a progress report on a new one in a retirement community

Switching for breakfast

N and HO scale track plans focusing on the Post Cereal manufacturing plant in Battle Creek, Mich.

5 layouts, 4 scales in 14 x 34 inches

Z, N, HO, and O scale shelf layouts within the footprint of a typical bookcase

Simple plan, plenty of action!

A track plan for two 4 x 8 sheets follows prototype practice

BIG train, small layout

How do they run such long trains in what looks like an HO scale one-loop wonder?

C&NW’s Chicago commute in HO scale

Passenger and some freight action of the 1960s in 8 x 20 feet

Slogging up to Locust Summit on the Reading

An HO scale hard-coal-hauling railroad designed with coal drags and helpers in mind

The vertical interchange for multideck layouts

Swapping cars between two railroads that cross at grade – on different decks

Depicting a specific era on the HO scale Iowa interstate

Identifying and modeling visual and operational characteristics of a time and place

Video: Pulling empties on the HO scale Iowa Interstate

Video: A Day With The Des Moines "Tramp"


Model railroad staging you can live with

Adding scenery to a visible staging yard makes it suitable for a living space

Enhancing a published track plan

An Atlas plan and prototype track maps inspired  this 1870s Colorado narrow-gauge layout

Space-saving wye-less wyes

Modeling the functionality of wyes in a more compact area

Not-so-dumb dummy tracks

Unconnected tracks can enhance scenery and imply additional operation on model railroads

A passenger terminal in 15 x 18 feet

Careful planning and slip switched help this HO scale track plan fit a big-city station on narrow shelves


Reader Forum

Reader Forum: Sharing questions and ideas

Planning tips

Protective fascia


The value of field trips

Rear platform

Realizing an ambitious dream

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