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Build a Small Model Railroad


Build a Small Model Railroad offers step-by-step advice and instruction on constructing small railroads for compact spaces!

The 84-page special issue includes HO and N scale railroads and an in-depth look at the staff-built Virginian layout - one of the most popular and versatile construction series of the past decade.

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Narrow gauge logging in less than 4 x 7 feet

This compact layout has a lot to offer

Santa Fe and Southern Pacific in a spare room

Tehachapi in the 1960s inspired the freelanced HO scale Oak Valley RR

Big time railroading on a door or two

The N scale Pennsylvania RR Juniata Division is built for mobility

Verstaile room-size layout

Two upper-Midwest railroads cross in a typical town

Lots of switching in a small space

A module that serves as a complete layout or part of a larger system

Alice Street in 4 x 8 feet

A highly prototypical N scale track plan for a Santa Fe rail-marine operation in Oakland, Calif.

Railroading on an apartment shelf

An HO short line that fits neatly along a living-room wall

How to build lightweight sectional benchwork

Combine commercially available kits with two types of foam for a sturdy foundation

Build the Virginian: Plan and operation

Part 1: Hauling coal on the HO scale Virginian Ry.

Build the Virginian: Benchwork

Part 2: Building solid benchwork that's easy to expand for our HO layout

Build the Virginian: Track laying and wiring

Part 3: Getting trains up and running on our 4 x 8 foot layout

Build the Virginian: Scenery

Part 4: Our HO scale layout gets some mountain scenery

Build the Virginian: Structures

Part 5: Coal mines, company houses, and more complete our project railroad
Great Scenery Tips

Great Scenery Tips

Realistic creeks and streams.

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