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Great Model Railroads 2018


Great Model Railroads 2018 includes a variety of scales (HO, N, and O), locations, and eras – from an O scale depiction of the Colorado Midland Railway in 1897, to a captivating mountain-railroading layout in present-day Europe. Each story features a completed layout, detailed track plan, how‑to tips, and stunning photographs. Whether you're just beginning your layout, or almost finished, you're sure to find inspiration on every page!

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Picture-perfect British Columbia

This freelanced layout was designed with photography in mind

Scale: HO, Prototype: Freelanced, Period: 1955-1965, Locale: southern British Columbia, Size: 12'-6" x 15'-4"

Nitro Pass and Okanagan track plan


Going sectional in a big way

The Chester & Becket Ry. models a rugged New England short line in large scale

Scale: F, Prototype: freelanced, based on Chester & Becket, Era: mid-1930, Locale: Western Massachusetts, Size: 16 x 20 feet

Chester and Becket Ry. track plan


This belongs in a museum

An HO scale layout occupies the heart of Train World in Belgium

Scale: HO, Prototype: freelanced, Era: 1980s, Locale: Ardennes region of Belgium,  Size: 16'-5" x 19'-8"

Train World track plan


Modeling the road less traveled

Creating the Colorado Midland in Proto:48 meant some tough choices

Scale: Proto:48 (O fine scale), Prototype: Colorado Midland, Era: 1897, Locale: western Colorado, Size: 28 x 28 feet plus 13 x 18 feet


Colorado Midland Ry. track plan


An Oregon bridge line

The Rogue Valley Model RR Club's HO scale layout models a "what if" scenario

Scale: HO, Prototype: semi-freelanced, Era: 1989, Locale: southern Oregon, Size: 26 x 52 feet

Pacific & Eastern track plan


An N scale Montana Empire

This freelanced Northern Pacific subsidiary fills a 38 x 52-foot basement

Scale: N, Prototype: freelanced, based on Northern Pacific, Era: 1954, Locale: Central Montana, Size: 38 x 52 feet

Danford, Hadley & Northern RR track plan


American insipration in Europe

Ethanol is the lifeblood of this modern-day Midwestern layout built in Sweden

Scale: HO, Prototype: BNSF Ry., Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Canadian Pacific, Era: 2013, Locale: Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana, Size: 13 x 24 feet

Granite Falls Enthanol RR track plan


A layout forged in fire

A lifetime of study and research led to a steel-themed layout of unrivaled accuracy

Layout owner: Mike Rabbitt, Scale: HO, Theme: integrated steel mill, Era: steam-to-diesel transition era, Locale: Midwest United States, Size: 18 x 33 feet

H&R Steel Co. track plan


Pennsylvania piece by piece

Free-moN standard brings flexibility, realism to N scale modular construction

Scale: N, Prototype: Pennsylvania RR, Era: 1954, Locale: Eastern U.S., Size: 18 x 27 feet

Pennsylvania RR track plan


Green Mountain narrow gauge

This freelanced O scale layout captures the New England of a century past

Scale: On30 (1:48, 30" gauge, Theme: freelanced New England narrow gauge short line, Era: 1912, Locale: central Vermont, Size: 12 x 15 feet

Otter Creek & Ripton track plan


Serving the Great Midwest

This basement empire is the result of a long modeling journey

Layout owner: Pete Walton, Scale: HO, Prototype: freelance, Era: 1950s, Locale: generic Midwest, based on northwest Illinois, Size: 36'-6" x 63'-0"

Great Midwestern RR track plan

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