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New model trains for the week of March 2, 2017

Check out the latest model railroad products from Microscale, Moloco, Walthers, and more!
HO scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division GP40-2 diesel locomotive. Burlington Northern (white face), Canadian Pacific (beaver herald), Chessie System (Baltimore & Ohio and Chesapeake & Ohio reporting marks, two road numbers each), Conrail, Union Pacific, and Western Pacific (green and orange). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Five-pole motor with dual flywheels, 8- and 9-pin plugs for Digital Command Control decoder, and Celcon handrails. $99.98. January 2018. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Electro-Motive Division SD70-series diesel locomotives. SD70M: CSX (Electro-Motive Division demonstrator patchout), Norfolk Southern (ex-New York, Susquehanna & Western units, three road numbers), and Union Pacific (red frame stripe and yellow frame stripe with Positive Train Control antennas, two numbers each). SD75I: Canadian National. SD75M: BNSF Ry. (Heritage II). Four numbers per scheme unless noted. Prototype-specific details, Celcon handrails, and die-cast metal frame. Direct-current model with 8- and 9-pin Quick Plug connectors, $199.98; with dual-mode SoundTraxx 2 Digital Command Control and sound decoder, $299.98. January 2018. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
HO scale freight cars
40-foot boxcar. Baltimore & Ohio (Sentinel Fast Freight Service); Central RR of New Jersey (red with Statue of Liberty herald); Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (mineral red with black ends); Great Northern (orange with black roof and ends and “See America First, Glacier National Park” herald); Nickel Plate Road (brown with black roof and ends); New York Central (New York Central System herald); Pennsylvania RR (keystone herald); Rock Island (blue with “The Rock” lettering); and Southern Pacific (two-tone gray express scheme). Three road numbers per scheme. Separately applied brake wheel, 50-ton Bettendorf trucks with 33” metal wheels, and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. January 2018. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Gunderson Maxi-III five-unit articulated well car. BNSF Ry. (circle-cross herald), CSX, Southern Pacific, Trailer Train (yellow as-delivered scheme, yellow with 1991 TTX logo, yellow with modern TTX/Railbox logos, and Southern Pacific patchout). Three road numbers per scheme. Body-mounted McHenry scale couplers and 33” and 38” solid nickel silver RP-25 contour wheelsets. $139.98. January 2018. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Trinity 5,161-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. ADM Milling Co. (WHTX reporting marks), BNSF Ry. (Burlington Northern; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; Northern Pacific; and Spokane, Portland & Seattle heritage schemes, one road number each), CSX (CSXT Grain Express logo), Ferromex, Illinois Central, and Kansas City Southern (Southern Belle scheme). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Separately applied end cages, etched-metal crossover platforms, and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. $42.98. Ready-to-Roll. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Wide-cupola caboose. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (“Kodachrome” scheme, one road number); Chessie System (Chesapeake & Ohio reporting marks); Missouri-Kansas-Texas (green); Southern Pacific Santa Fe (“Kodachrome” scheme with ATSF marks, two numbers); and Union Pacific (American flag). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Injection-molded plastic body with Celcon end handrails, metal ladders, and separately applied smokejack and brake wheel. $28.98. January 2018. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Moloco HO scale Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Topeka-built class BX-94 and BX-97 boxcars
Moloco HO scale Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Topeka-built class BX-94 and BX-97 boxcars
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Topeka-built class BX-94 and BX-97 boxcars. New run. BX-94: Mineral Brown with “Super Shock Control” slogan (one road number), 1989 repaint with 24” circle-cross herald, and red repaints (TS 12-77, 2-78, and 5-78). BX-97: 1988 Mineral Brown repaint (reporting marks only, three numbers) and red repaint (TS 5-78). Two numbers per scheme unless noted. $53 plus $9.99 shipping (free shipping for six or more cars). Available direct from manufacturer or select retailers. Moloco,
HO scale details and accessories
Yard tractor. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (white); Burlington Northern (yellow); Canadian National (Laser); Conrail (yellow); CP Rail (yellow with red Multimark); and Union Pacific (white). Cab interior with separate steering wheel, clear window glazing, and rolling vinyl tires. $22.98. January 2018. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

20-foot high-cube municipal solid waste containers. New paint schemes: Allied Waste Industries (10,000-series and Sajo Transport), OVAU, and USA Waste Services (double zeros and orange stripes). New road numbers: DSEU. Two sets per paint scheme. Mounting pegs for 85-foot trash flatcars, see-through forklift pockets, and fire port on one side. Four-pack, $24.95. Third quarter 2017. Trainman line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,

International maintenance-of-way utility trucks. Crew bus, $17.98; 4300-series crew cab dump truck, $11.98; 4300-series single-axle dump truck, $11.98; 4300-series utility truck with drill, $17.98; 4900-series open stake-bed utility truck, $11.98; and 7600-series utility truck with bucket lift, $17.98. Plastic and die-cast metal construction with decals for 16 railroads. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Sidewalks and curbs. Injection-molded light gray plastic. Includes 10 straight sidewalk sections with add-on curbs, four curved sidewalk sections with add-on curbs, eight manhole covers and sewer grates, four fire hydrants, two curb transitions, and one each alley and driveway entrance with sidewalk and large corner sidewalk, both with molded curb. $14.98. Cornerstone series. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Turned metal wheelsets. 33”- and 36”-diameter wheels. Twelve-pack (plastic axles, $9.98; metal axles, $11.98). One hundred pack with metal axles (33”- and 36”-diameter), $89.98 each. WalthersProto. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
N scale freight cars
SIECO 50-foot boxcar. Atlantic & Western Ry. (Apalachicola Northern patchout); Chattahoochee Industrial RR (reporting marks only); Canadian Pacific (P&LE patchout); Toledo, Peoria & Western; Pickens RR; Raritan River; and Sabine River & Northern (reporting marks only). Three road numbers per scheme. Screw-mounted trucks, photo-etched metal stirrup steps, and McHenry couplers. $23.98. January 2018. AthearnN. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
N scale passenger cars
60-foot arched-roof baggage-express cars. Canadian National (Maple Leaf herald); Delaware, Lackawanna & Western; Erie Lackawanna (maintenance of way, one road number); Illinois Central (“Mail Storage” lettering in one number and “Magazine Loading” lettering); Southern Pacific (original doors in three numbers, ply-metal doors in two numbers); Southern Ry. (maintenance of way in one number and green with black roof); and Union Pacific (Armor Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray, five numbers). Heavyweight trucks, metal wheels, and underbody detail. $36.59. Late summer 2017. Wheels of Time,
O scale details and accessories
Assorted Super Flex fence kits. Hairpin (28”, classical and modern, $23.95 each) and Victorian (30”, $29.95). Atlas O, 908-687-9590,
Z scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division SD45 diesel locomotive. New paint scheme: Denver & Rio Grande Western. Four road numbers. Injection-molded plastic model with can motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, directional light-emitting-diode headlights, AutoLatch couplers, and optional pilot and plow. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,

General Electric P42 diesel locomotive. Amtrak (phase 4 scheme in four road numbers, phase 4 Northeast Corridor scheme in two numbers). Traction tires and directional light-emitting-diode headlights. Designed for Digitrax and TCS drop-in Digital Command Control decoders. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
Z scale freight cars
Trinity 17,600-gallon corn syrup tank car. New paint scheme: DuPont Ti-Pure. Injection-molded plastic model with metal wheelsets and AutoLatch couplers. Two single cars and one four-pack. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
Z scale passenger cars
Southern Ry. Crescent heavyweight cars. Baggage/Railway Express Agency (nos. 507 and 546); observation car (Robert E. Lee); paired-window coach; United States Mail Railway Post Office (nos. 39 and 49); 6-compartment, 3-drawing-room sleeper (Bizet and Corot); 8-section, 1-drawing-room, 2-compartment sleeper (William Rufus King); 10-section, 1-drawing room, 2-compartment sleeper (Lake Childs and Lake Hayden); 12-section, 1-drawing-room sleeper (Casselton and Litchfield); 28-seat, 1-drawing-room parlor car (Jasmine); and 36-seat diner (no. 3168). Seven-car set also available. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
Eight-function, MTC 21-pin HO scale decoder. Item EU821. Ideal for Bowser’s updated line of diesel locomotives that require additional light outputs. $42.95. Train Control Systems, 215-453-9145,
Assorted O scale decals. Railbox boxcars (ABOX and RBOX reporting marks, 1975 to 1984) and Reading Co. 40- and 50-foot boxcars. $12.95 each. Microscale Industries, 714-593-1422,

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