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Arrowhead Models announces first car

“Committee design” HO scale three-bay hopper will be manufacturer’s inaugural model
An HO scale “committee design” three-bay hopper is the first release from Arrowhead Models, a Sheridan, Wyo.-based model railroad manufacturing company owned by Blaine Hadfield. The model is based on a prototype designed cooperatively by Norfolk & Western, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Pennsylvania RR and built by those railroads and commercial car builders American Car & Foundry, Bethlehem Steel Car, Greenville, and Pullman-Standard.
Arrowhead Models Pennsylvania RR H39 class hopper
The HO three-bay hopper will be offered in three versions. The first configuration is based on Pennsylvania RR’s H39 class (666000 through 666999-series) constructed by Pullman-Standard. The model will be offered in 48 road numbers and feature a three-piece Miner 1942 handbrake, two-piece Keystone Monoloc hopper door locks, and a riveted superior bolster plate, among other features.
Arrowhead Models HO scale Rio Grande hopper
The second hopper will follow the lines of Denver & Rio Grande Western’s 14600 through 14999-series of cars built by Bethlehem Car Co. The Rio Grande car will be available in 24 numbers. Three-piece Wine double-lock doors, center sill release valve mounting locations, and top chord stiffener detail are some of the details on this model.
Arrowhead Models HO scale Southern Ry. hopper
The third hopper is based on Southern Ry.’s 74689 through 74758-series produced by Bethlehem Car Co. The hopper will be decorated in a 1979 repaint scheme with Claytor lettering and offered in 12 numbers. Features on the Southern Ry. car include Wine gate doors, welded superior bolster plate, and Bethlehem variations of retaining valve rods and release valve lines.
The three-bay hoppers, priced at $48.95 each, will be painted in their as-delivered schemes unless noted and have prototype-specific details; American Steel Foundries 70-ton roller-bearing trucks; an etched-metal brake platform; wire grab irons, brake rods, and uncoupling levers; CNC machined wheels; separate air hoses; a removable coal load; and Kadee no. 58 couplers.

In addition to ready-to-run cars, Arrowhead Models will be offering an undecorated kit in three versions for $48.50 each. For more information, visit

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