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Model Rectifier Corp. Prodigy Advance Squared Elite DCC system

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Model Rectifier Corp. Prodigy Advance Squared Elite DCC system
Price: $549.98

Model Rectifier Corp.
80 Newfield Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837

Comments: Fans of Model Rectifier Corp’s Prodigy Advance Digital Command Control (DCC) system now have a super-size version that’s a perfect fit for club-size layouts of the smallest to the largest scales. The Prodigy Advance Squared Elite has a 10-amp capacity and includes a command station; a 10A, 15V power supply; and a Prodigy Advance Squared Elite tethered throttle.

Even though the Elite has everything needed to run a layout right out of the box, it’s a good idea to divide a large model railroad into power districts with their own circuit breakers.

Aside from its 10-amp capacity, the most noticeable difference with the Elite system over the standard Prodigy system is the upgraded command station. Featuring a sturdy metal case, the command station includes hardware for mounting it to layout benchwork. It also has a built-in cooling fan. A backlit liquid crystal display screen displays the track voltage, current draw, and time.

The command station has three cab jacks, which is plenty for setting up a cab bus on a large layout. The power supply input and track output are screw terminals. I found it inconvenient that the main and programming track terminals aren’t labeled. (The main terminals are on the left.)

When the system is connected to a smaller layout or running smaller scale trains, the amperage can be reduced. This helps avoid damage from a short circuit when running smaller scales. A modeler can then increase the capacity to the full 10A as his model railroad expands.

The Elite had more than enough power for our 22 x 33-foot Wisconsin & Southern HO scale layout, which usually uses a 3-amp Prodigy Advance Squared system. All of our older Prodigy Advance throttles worked with the system.

The 28-function Elite handheld throttle include with the system has the same functionality as a standard Prodigy Advance Squared tethered throttle. Programming and consisting locomotives was intuitive. A handy guide is also printed on back of the throttle. The main upgrade on the Elite version is that its LCD screen is backlit for increased visibility.

The Elite is a versatile and powerful addition to the top of the Prodigy line of DCC products.

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