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Quick Look: Fox Valley Models N scale 100-ton coal gondola

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Fox Valley Models N scale 100-ton coal gondola
Fox Valley Models N scale 100-ton coal gondola

Price: 22.95 (single car), $130 (6 pack)

Manufacturer: Fox Valley Models
P.O. Box 1970
Des Plaines, IL 60017

Era: 1960 into the 1980s

Paint schemes: (6 car numbers in each set): Southern Ry.

Comments: Nicknamed “Silversides,” the prototype for this new Fox Valley Models N scale car was among the first aluminum gondolas built for unit coal train service by Pullman- Standard. The Southern Ry. purchased the cars in the early 1960s and numbered them from 1000 to 1749.

The N scale model matches prototype drawings published in the April 2004 issue of Mainline Modeler. The model’s one-piece molded plastic body has well-defined outside bracing. There aren’t any rivets, as the prototypes featured welded construction. The interior is smooth, but modeler-installed angle bracing is included.

Our sample’s paint is smoothly applied, with clearly printed red lettering and legible stencils. The cars are individually numbered within each 6-pack. Eight sets plus two single cars are available for a total of 50 individually numbered cars.

The car has body-mounted Micro-Trains knuckle couplers attached with small Phillips screws at the correct height per National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) standards.

The model features accurate roller-bearing 100-ton trucks that have metal wheelsets with needlepoint axles. They’re free-rolling and capable of operating smoothly on codes 55, 70, and 83 track.

A die-cast metal weight attached to the underside of the body brings the car weight to 1⁄4 ounce, which is slightly under the NMRA Recommended Practice 20.1 minimum weight.

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