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Quick Look: Woodland Scenics N, HO, and O scale Dugan's Paint Store

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Woodland Scenics Dugan's Paint Store
Woodland Scenics Dugan's Paint Store

Price: N scale, $64.99; HO scale, $69.99; O scale, $129.99

Woodland Scenics
P.O. Box 98
Linn Creek, MO 65052

Comments: Woodland Scenics has been adding factory-­assembled and painted plastic structures, pre-wired with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to take advantage of its Just Plug lighting system [see the Just Plug product review in the September 2015 issue of Model Railroader.Ed.]. The latest release in this series is Dugan’s Paint Store, a two-story downtown storefront that would look at home in any small-town setting.

The structure is available in three scales, N, HO, and O. The photo above right shows the HO building. Some details that look fine in N scale seem a bit outsized in O scale, like the fire escape railing and ladder.

The brick-textured building is painted an aged tan, with darker brown weathering applied by airbrush or drybrush. The weathering on the larger scale buildings blends more realistically; the brush work on the N scale model looked like random diagonal streaks. On the other hand, the green striped awnings looked better on the smaller scale models.

The models were neatly assembled, glued securely and with no visible gaps at the corner seams in any scale. Each interior was lined with black styrene to prevent any light leaks. With the exception of one trash can that came loose from our O scale sample during shipping, the details were mounted securely, including the paint-bucket “Dugans” sign out front.

Each building came with an electrical lead more than a foot long to connect to a Just Plug power supply or hub. The N and HO models have one interior white LED. The O scale model has two inside, plus a yellow LED over the entryway, giving the impression of an incandescent bulb in contrast with the fluorescent white glow of the interior lighting.

Visible through the front windows are printed cardstock interiors that look convincing from most angles when the interior lighting is on. Light is blocked from other windows with black styrene. Signs advertising various brands of paint on the windows and the outside of the building provide plenty of visual interest. A determined modeler could replace these signs and the interior to change the building’s identity.

Other buildings in the Just Plug series include an Art Deco theater and a small depot. I’m looking forward to seeing homes and trackside industries added to this product line.

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