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Quick Look: ANE Model Lococruiser DCC decoder

Read this review from the January 2017 Model Railroader
ANE Model Lococruiser DCC decoder
ANE Model Lococruiser DCC decoder

Price: $28.95

ANE Model Ltd.
Distributed by
Heartland Hobby Wholesale
6929 Seward Ave.
Lincoln, NE 68507

Comments: For those looking for a straightforward to use, easy to install Digital Command Control (DCC) motor decoder, the Lococruiser line from ANE Model provides some reliable options. I tested the LC-201 decoder that includes a wiring harness with an 8-pin plug. The board is also available in 21-pin plug and wire-only versions.

The board measures .2" x 1.1" x .6". I installed our test sample into the 8-pin socket of a Kato HO scale General Electric C44-9W.

The decoder’s current draw ratings are 1.5A continuous and 2A peak. This is enough to handle the stall current of most HO locomotive motors.

I set the decoder-equipped Dash 9 on our test track and easily changed both the long and short address and added acceleration and deceleration momentum. In addition to the option for 28 or 128 speed steps, the decoder allows for 3-point and 28-point user-loadable speed curves. A printed instruction sheet lists all the decoder’s programmable configuration variables (CVs). Although it supports programming on the main, the decoder responded more reliably when I used an isolated programming track.

Out of the box, the decoder’s back-electromotive force (back-EMF) control is impressive. I had our test locomotive crawl up and then back down a 3 percent grade at a steady 1 scale mph. I also advance-consisted the locomotive to an ESU-decoder-equipped Atlas Dash 8-40B.

My favorite feature on this decoder is the “Motor Brake” that let me stop and start the locomotive using a function button independent of the throttle setting. The braking rate is adjustable using CV63.

In addition to directional headlight control, the decoder has four separate 100mA lighting outputs. Each output can be programmed for an effect, such as for a flashing strobe light. Two outputs could also be used to program alternately flashing ditch lights.

The decoder is dual-mode, so it won’t be damaged if placed on a direct-current (DC) layout.

With programmable speed control, lighting, and brake effects, the ANE Lococruiser provides an easy way to add DCC to an HO locomotive.

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