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Quick Look: Woodland Scenics Built & Ready Work Shed

Read this review from the June 2017 Model Railroader
Woodland Scenics HO scale Built & Ready Work Shed
Woodland Scenics HO scale Built & Ready Work Shed

Price: $26.99

Woodland Scenics
P.O. Box 98
Linn Creek, MO 65052

Comments: A shack or shed is a common trackside feature in both urban and rural settings. Woodland Scenics makes it easy to add one of these simple structures to a model railroad with Built & Ready sheds and shacks in its Landmark Structure series. While this review focuses on the HO scale structure, the firm also makes N and O scale versions.

The sheds are offered in three versions. The work shed (pictured) is the largest of the three, with a 111⁄16" square footprint. The other two versions, a tin shack and a wood shack, take up even less space.

The models are made of plastic with well-defined molded detail. The siding on the work shed has wood grain detail. I appreciated that the shake shingles on the molded plastic roof include a few that look like they’ve been blown loose by the elements. The rafter tails are also visible under the eaves, the smokejack is a separate plastic part, and one wall includes a molded electrical box and conduit. These are impressive details for such a modest structure.

Each model also includes some extra plastic details that fit in notches around the perimeter of the structure. The work shed came with a realistic-looking wood pile and a storage bin.

All the models are factory painted and weathered. The siding on the work shed looks like its red paint has faded, exposing some bare gray wood underneath. The paint also looks like it’s realistically peeling on the white door and window frames. The roof is a dull grimy black color. I think some drybrushing with gray paint would help further weather the roof.

The sheds don’t have interior detail. However, Woodland Scenics included view blocks that will make it possible to add interior lighting without revealing the hollow space inside.

These Built & Ready sheds and shacks offer an easy-to-add scenic element that would be right at home on just about any model railroad.

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