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Sponsored Product Review: Brightech LightView PRO XL 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass LED Lamp Ver. 2  Sponsored

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Model Railroader editor Hal Miller reviewed Brightech's 2 in 1 XL Lightview Pro magnifying lamp below. Brightech is offering Model Railroader readers a discount on their Lightview Pro magnifying lamps: get 15% off here


There are a lot of tools on my workbench – knives, paint, pliers, and tweezers, that kind of thing. Something else that has become a necessity over the last decade is a lamp. In my younger years I could see just about anything well enough to model, but as my eyesight has changed over time, I find the more light I can put on what I’m doing, the easier it is to do and the better it usually turns out.

Brightech’s LightView Pro XL 2-in-1 Magnifying Glass LED Lamp turned out to be a good solution for me. Not only does it provide a lot of light to my modeling area, but I can also use its magnifier to see details up close.

The lamp comes disassembled but is easy to put together in either a desktop configuration or as a floor-standing unit. Because my workbench tends to be cluttered, I put it together initially to go on the floor. I inserted the pole into the base, put the articulated arm with the lamp and magnifier on top of that, tightened a couple of thumbscrews, and it was almost ready to go. I plugged in the provided AC power supply and I was ready to model.

To keep the lamp secure on the floor, the already heavy base has a built-in metal bracket that flips out and keeps the lamp steady no matter what the angle you have the arm in. I bumped it a few times while using it and had no issues with stability. The bracket folds away under the base to save space when the lamp is used in the smaller tabletop arrangement.

There’s a master switch to turn the lamp on. The first thing I noticed is there’s a lot of light, which comes from the 60 light-emitting diodes (LEDs) ringing the underside of the magnifier. Fortunately, I could adjust the intensity up or down via the touch-sensitive arrows on top. I can see these being really handy when I need more or less light and I have something in my hands I can’t let go of. Just resting my hand on an arrow briefly was enough to change the amount.

The other component that makes this product useful is the magnifier. It’s actual glass and has 2.25x magnification. Most magnifier lamps I’ve worked with have a circular field, but this one has a 6” x 4.5” oval working area. For me, it makes it easier to see and work on the whole side of a long item like a locomotive or car.

Something I noticed while working with the lamp is the absence of heat. The LEDs seem to stay cooler to me than an incandescent or fluorescent light. The other thing is the light color looked like the daylight balanced lighting I might have on my layout. Brightech confirmed the color temperature of the LEDs is 5,000 degrees Kelvin, which also makes the it handy as a light source when shooting model photos.

I used the LightView Pro XL while assembling a boxcar kit. The arm’s three points of articulation let me position the magnifier and the light exactly where I needed them. The arm stayed put without springing back, and the head locked securely in place with the tightening knob. When the magnifier isn’t being used, a lid closes over it to prevent dust accumulation.

Overall, the LightView Pro XL feels like a substantial and durable unit that should last years with normal use. Should something go wrong, it has a three-year warranty. It costs $89.99, which, to me, is a pretty affordable way to work on my modeling projects and save my eyesight.

Every now and again I find a product or tool that’s hard to live without because it makes my modeling less work and more enjoyable. The Pro XL is one of those items that may quickly become indispensable in the Model Railroader workshop. - Hal Miller

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