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Modeler's Spotlight Video -- Inside Cody's Office for March 2018

Model railroading products: Tangent Scale Models HO scale GATC 1917-design 10,000-gallon tank car, Menards HO scale Red Barn, Accurail HO scale 36-foot Fowler boxcar kit, Murder to Scale by Debra B. Schiff, Eastern Seaboard Models N scale Despatch Shops X65 boxcar, HO scale 5188 covered hopper
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New freight cars in HO and N scales, a red barn, and even a murder mystery highlight this month's episode of Cody's Office. For his modeling tip this month Model Railroader associate editor Cody Grinvo will show you how to paint and install a metal weight when building a freight car kit. Viewer mail topics this month include: converting brass locomotives to Digital Command Control (DCC), Southern Pacific Lark passenger cars in HO scale, Bullfrog Snot to prevent locomotive wheel slippage, and Cody's bow tie.

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How to get started in HO or N scale.

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