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State Line kitbashing challenge

The Model Railroader and MR Video Plus staff members and friends are working hard on their kitbashing projects. Each participant is creating something quite different out of a Walthers Cornerstone State Line Farm Supply structure kit. Check out their progress and get some ideas for your next project. WATCH THE VIDEO!
Digital Command Control resources
DCC bonus articles, videos, and product reviews
Track tricks: Superelevate curves in 4 easy steps
Simple shims add a realistic tilt to flextrack
How to build a stow-away model railroad test track
Built on a compact 2 x 4 folding tabletop this model railroad test track holds two N scale track loops
Turning Big Boys in 2 x 5 feet
This HO scale locomotive terminal lifts to the ceiling to clear a doorway
How to model realistic modern-era structures
Easy techniques for modeling mundane urban structures on a modern-era model railroad
Foam roadbed panels
Model railroad bench tops made easy with foam
For model train layouts extruded-foam insulation board is more than just a scenery material
Video: Push-button controlled traverser for a staging yard
Check out this demo of Michael Hardwick's Arduino-controlled traverser featured in the August 2018 Model Railroader
Making sure the first level of a helix is as stable, secure, and smooth as possible makes the remaining levels go together easier.
Construct a simple and reliable helix
A solid start is the best way to build a trouble-free helix
Airbrushing basics for model railroadersSubscriber Access Only
Tips and techniques for learning this essential model railroading skill
Track ballasting made easy
Learn how to make a model railroad right-of-way look like the real thing
User video: How to model an operating overhead rolling door
This manually controlled gear mechanism uses Lego parts
Plans for a fertilizer blend plant
Get the prototype drawings for this rail-served industry
Winston-Salem Southbound Series: Cold Storage Scratchbuild – Part 1, Walls
Watch Model Railroader associate editor Eric White build the cold storage building for the HO scale Winston-Salem Southbound Tar Branch layout
Plans for a passenger shelter
This pair of trackside structures were originally built for an interurban line
Easy easements for model train track
Add an easement between straight and curved track to make your trains look more realistic.
Compact diesel terminal online extras
Get the sand tower plans and handrail bending template for Thomas Klimoski's article in the January 2017 Model Railroader
Off The Rails: Episode 1
Learn about three great tools every model railroader should have on his or her workbench
Pelle Soeborg freight car weathering tips
Realistic weathering tips for freight car models
Tips for weathering freight car roofs and empty gondola model train cars

Learn the fundamentals of Model Railroading


How to get started in HO or N scale.

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