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Realistic model railroad ground cover

Use long grass fiber mats to add overgrown areas to your model train layout
When adding scenery to a model railroad, many layout builders tend to overlook the scruffy, overgrown areas along the railroad right-of-way. A recent trip to a local trackside location was all I needed to remind me how overrun with tall grasses and weeds some of these areas can be. It’s the differing heights, colors, and textures of these untamed areas that make them so appealing to model.

A friend suggested that I use Heki Wild Grass Fiber to represent these rough parcels of land. Although the product consists of grass fibers attached to a nearly invisible mesh net, it isn’t as orderly as a manicured grass mat, ground foam, or even static grass. In addition to offerings in various colors, Heki Wild Grass Fiber, available in North America from Scenic Express (, also comes in two different mat sizes.

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Two great beginner layouts.

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