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Realistic weathering tips for freight car models

Tips for weathering freight car roofs and empty gondola model train cars
Pelle Soeborg freight car weathering tips
This view of the Daneville Yard on Pelle Søeborg’s HO scale Union Pacific layout shows a variety of equipment with weathered roofs. He completed all of the weathering with powdered pastels, hobby paints, and an airbrush
Years ago, when I became interested in weathering model trains, I found it extremely difficult to find roof photos, either among my own pictures or in magazines (this was back when the Internet was only for nerds). Many times I had to guess how roofs looked. This taught me never to waste an opportunity to take pictures of trains from above. So the next time you’re trackside, find an elevated spot from which to photograph trains. You never know when that overhead shot will come in handy.

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Two great beginner layouts.

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