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Great Model Railroads 2019

Each year Great Model Railroads brings you some of the best layouts you’ll ever see – and this year is no exception. Inside this special issue you’ll find our favorite new layouts in a variety of scales, locations, sizes, and eras. Plus, the 100-page edition is chock-full of how-to advice and operating tips for model railroaders of all skill levels!

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Modeling the LAJ

A shelf layout designed as a work of art for a living space

Scale: HO, Prototype: Los Angeles Junction Horn Lead, Locale: Vernon, Calif., Size: 4'-0" x 9'-6"

Railroading Illinois style

Designed for operation, this HO scale 1980s Burlington Northern layout features handlaid track

Scale: HO, Prototype: Burlington Northern, Era: May 1980, Locale: northwestern Illinois, Size: 22 x 36' feet

Mountain railroading on the NS

This N scale layout captures coal and intermodal traffic in the '90s

Scale: N, Prototype: Norfolk Southern, Era: mid-1990s, Locale: West Virginia, Size: 18 x 42 feet

Trains and trolleys

This HO scale shelf railroad shows even condo dwellers have room for a layout

Scale: HO, Theme: Generic steam and urban traction, Era: 1920s to 1930s, Locale: Northeastern United States, Size: 18" x 11'-8" plus 9' x 6'-9" staging

From Rico to Lizard Head

Gregg Condon's HOn3 Denver & Rio Grande Southern Lizard Head Division captures the last heyday of Colorado narrow gauge

Scale: HOn3, Prototype: Rio Grande Southern RR, Era: September 1947, Locale: Southerwestern Colorado, Size: 17 x 40 feet


Memories of home

An HO scale shelf layout reproduces the Lehigh Valley in the owner's hometown

Scale: HO, Prototype: Lehigh Valley RR, Era: 1945, Locale: Madison County, N.Y., Size: 18 x 14 feet


White diesels and black diamonds

The HO scale Soo Line Latta Subdivision is designed for realism

Scale: HO, Prototype: Soo Line, Era: summer 1993, Locale: southern Indiana, Size: 26 x 28 feet

Busy urban railroading

Operations are key on the Canadian Pacific Ry.'s Montreal Terminals Division

Scale: HO, Prototype: Canadian Pacific Ry., Montreal Terminals Division, Era: September 1968, Locale: Montreal, Size: 11'-6" x 22'-0"


Lights, camera, logging

The On30 Gold Creek Timber Co. display layout depicts backwoods railroading in a cinematic way

Scale: On30, Prototype: Freelanced, Locale: Western redwood forest, Size: 8'-0" x 14'-4 1/2" 


Not exactly New Jersey

This freelanced HO scale Morristown & Erie RR, Western Division, models towns from across America

Scale: HO, Prototype: Freelanced, Era: 1940s to 1950s, Locale: New England, Pittsburgh, and Pacific Northwest, Size: 18'-0" x 33'-6"



Freight yard design and operation.

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