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New products for the week of September 11, 2014

New model railroad products from Blackstone Models, Rapido Trains, Micro-Trains, and more!
Blackstone Models HOn3 scale Denver & Rio Grande Western class C-19 2-8-0 steam locomotive no. 345
HO scale locomotives

Denver & Rio Grande Western class C-19 2-8-0 steam locomotive no. 345. HOn3. “Bumblebee” movie paint scheme. Road pilot, fluted boxes, box headlight, flared-side tender, wood-panel cab sides, two 11” single-stage compressors, and diamond stack. With dual-mode SoundTraxx sound decoder, $499.95. Ready-to-run. Blackstone Models, 970-259-0690,
Kato USA Inc. HO scale Electro-Motive Division GP35 diesel locomotive
Electro-Motive Division GP35 diesel locomotive. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (pinstripe scheme) and New York Central. Two road numbers each; also available undecorated (with dynamic and non-dynamic brake hatches). Five-pole flywheel-equipped motor, eight-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder, and prototype-specific details. Based on Phase Ia prototype. Direct-current model, $140-145 (undecorated, $130-135); with ESU dual-mode sound decoder, $195-200. January 2015. Ready-to-run. Kato USA Inc., 847-781-9500,

HO scale freight cars

Association of American Railroads 70-ton three-bay open hopper. New paint schemes: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (BN merger repaint); Cambria & Indiana; Chesapeake & Ohio (wood chip service, arched ends); Grand Trunk Western (arched ends); Reading & Northern; and Union Pacific. Two road numbers per scheme. New numbers on three-packs: Southern Ry. and Clinchfield (arched ends). Removable coal load, weighted and detailed underframe, and Accumate couplers. $23.95; three-pack, $71.85. First quarter 2015. Ready-to-run. Trainman series. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,

National Steel Car 50-foot plug-door boxcar. New paint schemes. 5,111-cubic-foot-capacity boxcar: CP Rail, Ontario Northland, and Quebec Central. 5,277-cubic-foot-capacity boxcar: Youngstown & Austintown RR. Four road numbers each; also available undecorated (5,111- or 5,277-cubic-foot styles). Nine- or 10-corrugation ends, 9- or 10-foot doors, and Accumate couplers. $39.95 (undecorated, $34.95). First quarter 2015. Ready-to-run. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,
Blackstone Models HOn3 Denver & Rio Grande Western 30-foot refrigerator car
Denver & Rio Grande Western 30-foot refrigerator car. HOn3. Moffat Tunnel herald, Flying Grande lettering (four road numbers), and Royal Gorge Route herald. Two numbers per scheme unless noted. Die-cast metal and injection-molded plastic construction, metal wheelsets, and Kadee no. 714 knuckle couplers. $55.95. Ready-to-run. Blackstone Models, 970-259-0690,
Rapido Trains HO scale Budd mid-train dome passenger car
HO scale passenger cars

Budd mid-train dome passenger car. Amtrak (phase 1), Baltimore & Ohio, Canadian National (green or wet noodle herald), Canadian Pacific (Action Red or Maroon), Delaware & Hudson, Illinois Central, Missouri & Pacific (Eagle logo), Norfolk & Western, Seaboard Coast Line, VIA Rail Canada (original scheme), and Wabash. Also available with stainless steel finish but unlettered. Fully detailed interior with coach or cafe seating on one side of dome and lounge on the other, diaphragms with etched-brass end gates, and Macdonald-Cartier couplers. $109. First half 2015. Ready-to-run. Superior Stainless line. Rapido Trains, 855-572-6917,

N scale freight cars

“Beer can” shorty tank car. New paint schemes: Cargill, Dow Chemical, Exxon Chemicals, Nalco Chemical, Occidental Chemical, and Velsicol Chemical Co. Two road numbers each; also available undecorated. Ladder and dome detail and Accumate couplers. $18.95 (undecorated, $13.95). Second quarter 2015. Ready-to-run. Trainman series. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,
Bluford Shops N scale 70-ton three-bay offset side hopper
70-ton three-bay offset side hopper. New paint schemes: Alaska RR; Bessemer & Lake Erie; Boston & Albany (single car and two-pack only); Boston & Maine (gravel load); Central of Georgia; Detroit, Toledo & Ironton (single car and two-pack only, coke load); Louisiana & Arkansas (single car and two-pack only); and Omaha, Lincoln & Beatrice (single car and two-pack only, sand load). Six car numbers unless noted; also available with data only (black or brown). Slope sheet supports, removable coal load unless noted, and Fox Valley Models metal wheelsets. Single car, $22.95; two-pack, $45.90; three-pack, $68.85. Ready-to-run. Bluford Shops, 618-335-9369,

Assorted freight cars. TTGX/BNSF Ry. 89-foot tri-level auto rack, $43.95; CSX 50-foot covered gondola, $22.95; Southern Pacific 50-foot double-door boxcar with freight load (two numbers available), $23.40 each; Mexican Petroleum Corp. 39-foot single-dome tank car, $26.95; and Hercules Powder Co. 40-foot double-sheathed refrigerator car with vertical brake wheel, $23.35. Injection-molded plastic body, plastic wheelsets, and Magne-Matic couplers. Ready-to-run. Micro-Trains Line Co., 541-535-1755,

89-foot COFC flatcar with container load. Canadian Pacific with Genstar, Hanjin, and K Line containers. Injection-molded plastic bodies, plastic wheelsets, and Magne-Matic couplers. Three-pack, $109.95. Ready-to-run. Micro-Trains Line Co., 541-535-1755,
Rapido Trains N scale passenger car
N scale passenger cars

Business passenger cars. Burlington Northern (duplex sleeper, two 10-roomette, 5- bedroom sleepers, and leg-rest coach), Conrail (10-5 sleeper no. 11), and CSX (10-5 sleeper Youngstown). Detailed underbody, diaphragms with etched-brass end gates, and body-mounted Magne-Matic couplers. Limited run of 100 per car. $59.95. Late 2014. Ready-to-run. Panorama Line. Rapido Trains, 855-572-6917,

Z scale locomotives

Electro-Motive Division SD70 diesel locomotive. Union Pacific. Four road numbers available. Can motor with dual flywheels, light-emitting diode directional lighting, prototype-specific details, and AutoLatch couplers. $189. Ready-to-run. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,

Z scale freight cars

33,000-gallon-capacity liquefied petroleum gas tank car. New paint scheme: GLNX Corp. Metal wheelsets and AutoLatch knuckle couplers. Single car (two road numbers), $41; four-pack, $149. Ready-to-run. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,

Class C-30-5 bay-window caboose. New paint scheme: Nickel Plate Road. Two road numbers. Metal wheelsets and AutoLatch couplers. $64. Ready-to-run. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,

33-foot two-bay hopper with exterior posts. Southern Pacific. Injection-molded plastic body, plastic wheelsets, coal loads, and Magne-Matic couplers. Four-pack, $69.95. Ready-to-run. Micro-Trains Line Co., 541-535-1755,

Z scale passenger cars

Assorted heavyweight passenger cars. Chesapeake & Ohio (blue, gray, and yellow): 12- section, 1-drawing-room sleeper (Marquis Lafayette, Lord Fairfax, or Lord Cornwallis); 10-section, 1-drawing-room, 2-compartment sleeper (Fort Stevens or Camp McCoy); 8-section, 1-drawing room, 2-compartment sleeper (Centcroft or Stonewall Jackson); 28-seat, 1-drawing-room parlor car (Imperial Salon); 36-seat diner (Gatsby’s Tavern or Ashby’s Tavern); paired-window coach; observation car (Washington Elm); baggage car (two numbers); and Railway Post Office (two numbers). Metal wheelsets, AutoLatch couplers, and clear window glazing. $53 each. Ready-to-run. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
Boulder Creek Engineering TrainBoss talking defect detector

TrainBoss talking defect detector. Now able to cover a double-track main line or two widely separated single track locations. Axle sensors may also be installed on track approaching bridges and tunnels to give high/wide protection. Speaks and displays hotbox, dragging equipment, and four other defect reports for passing trains with user-assigned probability. Also reports axle count, train speed and length, and temperature. More than 120 built-in words and phrases with male or female automated voice. Speakers not included. $149.95. Boulder Creek Engineering LLC, 303-443-5784,

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