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New model trains for the week of August 6, 2020

Check out the latest model railroad products from American Z Line, PIKO America, Wm. K. Walthers, and more!
HO scale freight cars
Bi-level auto rack. New paint schemes: BNSF Ry. (Oxide Red with circle-cross herald and yellow with post-2005 herald), Canadian National (white with red “wet noodle” herald, six road numbers), Conrail (brown with “can opener” herald), CP Rail (red), CSX (yellow), Kansas City Southern (yellow with dual heralds), Mexican Rail Transportation (yellow), Norfolk Southern (yellow with Thoroughbred herald), and Union Pacific (“Building America” scheme). New numbers: Ferromex (gray with red stripes), Grand Trunk Western (blue), Providence & Worcester (white), Southern Ry. (Oxide Red), Union Pacific (yellow), and Western Pacific (Mineral Red). Four numbers per scheme unless noted. Etched-metal side panels, wire grab irons, metal wheelsets, and Kadee couplers. $99.95. InterMountain Railway Co., 800-472-2530,
Rapido Trains HO scale Penn Central class X72 and X72A boxcars
Penn Central class X72 and X72A boxcars. Penn Central (Deepwater Green with large [X72A] and small [X72] herald, Conrail (brown with small [X72A] and large [X72] herald), Apasco (gray), Canadian National (Oxide Red with CN reporting marks but no herald or road name), Western Pacific (Mineral Red), and York Rail (Oxide Red). Also offered as undecorated kit (X72/X72A). Separate, factory-applied door posts, door latches, and uncoupling levers; detailed underbody with separate piping and equipment; cushion draft gear with Kadee no. 158 whisker couplers; and 70-ton trucks with 33” metal wheels. Single car, $49.95; three-pack, $149.85; and six-pack, $299.70. Scheduled for release in 2021. Rapido Trains, 905-474-3314,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale 52-foot Railgon gondola
52-foot Railgon gondola. Railgon (as-delivered scheme, eight road numbers), Chicago & North Western (Oxide Red), Conrail (Oxide Red with “can opener” and “quality” heralds), CSX (black), Seaboard System (Railgon patchout); and Wisconsin Central (gray). Four numbers per scheme unless noted. Injection-molded plastic with 100-ton roller-bearing trucks, 36” turned-metal wheelsets; and Proto-Max metal couplers. $27.98. January 2021. WalthersMainline. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale Postwar prefab house
HO scale structures
Postwar prefab house. Injection-molded plastic kit with two different front walls, picture window, and three doors; separate doors and windows; non-working porch lights; front and rear steps; and street-side mailbox. Measures 4-1/4” x 3-1/2” x 2-3/8”. $21.98. September 2020. Cornerstone Series. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
Bachmann Trains N scale 40-foot gondola
N scale freight cars
40-foot gondola. Pennsylvania RR (Freight Car Color with circle keystone); Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (Oxide Red with reporting marks but no herald); Burlington Northern (black 1991 scheme with yellow conspicuity stripes); and Denver & Rio Grande Western (black with “Flying Grande” lettering). Injection-molded plastic with blackened metal RP-25 contour wheelsets, Celcon trucks, and body-mounted E-Z Mate Mark II couplers. $29. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,
Jacksonville Terminal Co. N scale National Steel Car 17-post well cars
National Steel Car 17-post well car. TTX (yellow with DTTX reporting marks and eight yellow conspicuity stripes, three silver conspicuity stripes, three yellow conspicuity stripes, and two-pack [one each with three and eight yellow conspicuity stripes]) and Canadian Pacific (red with red-and-white conspicuity stripes). Detailed metal body, etched-stainless steel (painted to resemble dull galvanized metal) grab irons, stirrup steps, and walkways; 100-ton trucks; and body-mounted Magne-Matic couplers. Single car, $44.95; two-pack, $88.95. Fourth quarter 2020. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,
Jacksonville Termain Co. N scale 53-foot corrugated intermodal container with 8-55-8 corrugated sides
N scale details and accessories
53-foot corrugated intermodal container with 8-55-8 corrugated sides. New paint schemes: Florida East Coast (dark blue with hurricane herald and XFEU reporting marks), EMP (faded dark blue ex-Florida East Coast container with EMHU marks), Estes (white and yellow with ESTU marks), Matson (gray with MLHU marks), Twin Logistics (green and yellow with TLGU marks), Universal (red with UTLU marks), XPOLogistics (white with XPOU marks). Injection-molded plastic with inter-box connecting pins, JTC magnetic connecting system (magnets on bottom and metal plate on top), and prototype-specific doors and fronts. Fourth quarter 2020. Two-pack, $33.95. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,
PIKO America large scale Pennsylvania RR double-sheathed cupola caboose
Large scale rolling stock
Pennsylvania RR double-sheathed cupola caboose. Separate, factory-applied brake wheels, brake cylinder, smokejack, ladders, and grab irons; plastic wheelsets; and hook-and-loop couplers. $94.99. PIKO America LLC, 619-280-2800,
American Z Line Z scale Alco RSD-4 diesel locomotive
Z scale locomotives
Alco RSD-4 diesel locomotive. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (black and silver “zebra stripes” scheme). Three road numbers. Phase I body with directional light-emitting-diode headlights, 7.5mm coreless motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, built-in pilot, body-mounted couplers, Alco trimount trucks, two single air horns, and 1,400-gallon fuel tank. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
American Z Line Z scale Gunderson Maxi-I five-unit articulated well car
Z scale freight cars
Gunderson Maxi-I five-unit articulated well car. BNSF Ry. (Mineral Red with post-2005 herald). Four road numbers (two each with five Cosco and TMM Linea Mexicana 40-foot intermodal containers). Well cars feature metal chassis with etched-metal details, add-on parts, Auto-Latch couplers, roller-bearing trucks, and metal wheelsets. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
DCCconcepts Alpha Mimic extension wire
Alpha Mimic extension wire. 32.8 feet of fine, tinned wire. Includes red and black heat-shrink tubing. $4.64. Price may vary based on exchange rate. DCCconcepts, +44 (0)1729 821 080,
DCCconcepts Alpha Switch extension wire
Alpha Switch extension wire. For extending Alpha Switch connections. Includes 32.8 feet of wire and heat-shrink tubing. $4.64. Price may vary based on exchange rate. DCCconcepts, +44 (0)1729 821 080,
DCCconcepts Diode matrix pack
Diode matrix pack. Includes 50 diodes. Up to 14 routes can be created with one pack. $13.06. Price may vary based on exchange rate. DCCconcepts, +44 (0)1729 821 080,

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