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New model trains for the week of September 3, 2020

Check out the latest HO, N, Z, and large scale model railroad products announced this week!
Rapido Trains HO scale Canadian National RSC-14 diesel locomotive
HO scale locomotives
Canadian National RSC-14 diesel locomotive. Canadian National (“wet noodle” herald and stripes schemes). Five road numbers per scheme. Redesigned chassis and shell for easier access and disassembly; operating headlights, rear lights, bi-color class lights, and illuminated cab control stand; metal side handrails with plastic stanchions; and detailed cab interior with control stand, operators’ seats, and back wall panels. Direct-current model with 21-pin connector for Digital Command Control decoder, $225; with dual-model ESU LokSound sound decoder, $335. Scheduled for release in 2021. Rapido Trains Inc., 905-474-3314,
Accurail HO scale Maine Central 40-foot Pullman-Standard PS-1 boxcar
HO scale freight cars
Assorted freight cars. Maine Central 40-foot Pullman-Standard PS-1 boxcar, $18.98. Canadian Pacific Pullman-Standard 4,750-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper, $20.98. Central Vermont 36-foot Fowler boxcar, $18.98. Chesapeake & Ohio United States Railroad Administration two-bay hopper (single car, $17.98; three-pack, $52.98). Chicago & North Western 36-foot double-sheathed boxcar (single car, $18.98; two-pack, $36.98). Rock Island 40-foot combination-door boxcar, $18.98. Injection-molded plastic kits with plastic wheelsets, Accumate couplers, and steel weight(s). Accurail, 630-365-1173,
Bachmann Trains HO scale 40-foot hi-cube boxcar
40-foot hi-cube boxcar. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (red with large circle-cross herald and “Super Shock Control” slogan); Burlington Northern (Cascade Green); Denver & Rio Grande Western (brown with Flying Grande lettering and “The Action Road” slogan); and Union Pacific (yellow with Union Pacific Railroad herald and “Automated Rail Way” slogan). One number each. Updated tooling with positionable doors, blackened brass RP-25 contour wheelsets, Celcon trucks, and body-mounted E-Z Mate Mark II couplers. $45. Silver Series. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,
Broadway Limited Imports HO scale 6,000-gallon tank car
6,000-gallon tank car. Columbia Southern, Dow Chemical, Ethyl Corp. (gray with black-and-yellow logo and dark gray with black band), Hooker Chemicals (as-delivered and billboard schemes), Penn Salt, Stauffer Chemical, Union Tank Car Co., and Wyandotte Chemicals. Variety packs: Monsanto and Columbia Alkali, Hooker Chemicals and Electro-Bleaching Gas, Wyandotte Chemicals and Penn Salt, Niagara Alkali and Southern Alkali, Columbia Southern and Ethyl Corp., Penn Salt and Hooker Chemicals, Wyandotte Chemicals and Ethyl Corp., and Columbia Southern and DuPont. Plastic body; die-cast metal chassis; metal wheels; and separate, factory-applied handrails, ladders, and brake wheel. Two-pack, $79.99. Fall 2020. Broadway Limited Imports, 386-673-8900,
Bowser Manufacturing Co. HO scale Trinity 53-foot three- and five-unit articulated spine cars
Trinity 53-foot three- and five-unit articulated spine cars. TTAX (classes RAF 33C and RAF 53C). Five road numbers per class. Die-cast metal and plastic construction, chemically etched walkways, and collapsed or raised hitches. Three-unit set, $129.95; five-unit set, $199.95. Summer 2021. Executive Line. Bowser Manufacturing Co. Inc., 800-327-5126,
Kadee Quality Products HO scale Pullman-Standard 50-foot PS-1 boxcar
Pullman-Standard 50-foot PS-1 boxcar. Burlington Northern (Built 1966, shopped 8-82). Cushion underframe; 10-foot Youngstown doors; separate, factory-applied ladders and grab irons; metal wheels; and Kadee scale metal couplers. $39.95. Kadee Quality Products Co.,
Arrowhead Models HO scale Greenville 2,494-cubic-foot-capacity Railgon gondola
Greenville 2,494-cubic-foot-capacity Railgon gondola. Lombard Hobbies exclusive schemes: CSX (Railgon patchout in two numbers [each with different reporting mark/road number font] and black repaint with yellow lettering in one number). Also available: Railgon (as-delivered scheme) in 12 numbers. Road-number-specific light weight and load limit; 81 wire parts (including grab irons, pull loops, tie downs, uncoupling levers, air reservoir plumbing, retaining valve lines, release valve rods, brake rod and brake lever hangers, and side post tie downs); 34 etched brass parts (side sheets, floor, end stiffener plates, retaining valve bracket, air reservoir brackets, ABD valve bracket, brake pulley brackets and pulley mounts, brake step and inferior and superior cross-member gussets); code 88 CNC machined metal wheels and metal axles; five-piece Klasing 1500 hand brake with separate brake housing, mounting plate, brake wheel, release lever, and chain; scale draft-gear box and details; and Kadee no. 156 couplers. $49.99. Produced by Arrowhead Models, available from Lombard Hobbies, 630-620-1084,
The Electric Wallpaper Co. HO scale Roomettes interiors
HO scale details and accessories
Roomettes interiors. Monroe Tower (fits Atlas Model Railroad Co. nos. 702 trackside shanty and 704 signal tower), $17.95. Carlson’s House (fits Atlas Model Railroad Co. no. 713 Kim’s Classic American home), $18.50. Chrysler’s House (fits Atlas Model Railroad Co. no. 712 Barb’s Bungalow), $14.95. Fallow Feed Mill (fits Walthers no. 933-3061 Sunrise Feed Mill), $26.95. Hillside Station (fits Atlas Model Railroad Co. no. 706 passenger station), $14.95. Millie’s House (fits Woodland Scenics/DPM no. 20500 Victorian House), $8.95. Oliver’s House (fits Rix Products no. 203 Maxwell Ave. home), $11.95. Parker’s House (fits City Classics no. 111 Railroad Street company house), $14.95. Sporto’s Outdoor & Athletic (fits Woodland Scenics/DPM no. 11700 JC Nickels), $25.95. Whelan’s House (fits Walthers nos. 933-3787 or 933-3791 American bungalow), $14.95. Interior kits include light-emitting diodes that are compatible with various lighting systems, including Woodland Scenics Just-Plug, Model Train Technology, and NCE. The Electric Wallpaper Co.,
Kato USA N scale Johnstown America BethGon Coalporter
N scale freight cars
Johnstown America BethGon Coalporter. CSX (yellow lettering and rotary end), BNSF Ry. (post-2005 herald), Canadian National (CAN reporting marks, no herald), Norfolk Southern (gray and black), and Union Pacific (shield herald and yellow rotary end). Injection-molded plastic with removable coal load, low-flange metal wheels, and internal bracing. Eight-pack, $150. Price is an estimate and subject to change upon release. February 2021. Kato USA Inc.,
N scale details and accessories
20-foot standard height intermodal container. New road numbers: APL. Injection-molded plastic with inter-box connecting pins, magnetic connecting system, and prototype-specific doors. Two-pack, $26.95. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,

40-foot high-cube intermodal container. Evergreen, Hamburg Süd, Hyundai, Hyundai Merchant Marine, MOL, MSC, NYK Logistics & Megacarrier, Safmarine, TAL (MOL patchout), Tex, Tex (leased to CMA CGM). Injection-molded plastic with inter-box connecting pins, magnetic connecting system, and prototype-specific doors. Two-pack, $29.95. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,

53-foot intermodal container with 6-42-6 corrugated sides. UMAX (NACS patchout). Injection-molded plastic with inter-box connecting pins, JTC magnetic connecting system (magnets on bottom and metal plate on top), and prototype-specific doors and fronts. Two-pack, $33.95. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,
PIKO America large scale Clean Machine Green
Large scale locomotives
Clean Machine Green. General Electric 25-ton diesel switcher with two spring-loaded cleaning shoes. Requires six AAA batteries (not included). Price to be announced. PIKO America LLC, 619-280-2800,
PIKO America large scale Deutsche Bahn BR50 Reko 2-10-0 steam locomotive
Deutsche Bahn BR50 Reko 2-10-0 steam locomotive. Can-type ball-bearing motor; molded and separate, factory-applied detail parts including lights, brake cylinders, bumpers, smokestack, tanks, piping, and handrails; cab interior with engineer figure; directional lighting; stainless steel drive wheel tires; injection-molded plastic driver centers; carbon brush pickups; and hook-and-loop couplers. Can be upgraded with Digital Command Control and sound using PIKO nos. 36125 decoder and 36230 sound kit, both sold separately. $1,399.99; with 5V smoke unit, PIKO SmartSound 4.1 decoder, and “disappearing” coal load, $1,699.99. PIKO America LLC, 619-280-2800,
American Z Line Z scale Alco RS-3 diesel locomotive
American Z Line Z scale Alco RS-3 diesel locomotive
Z scale locomotives
Alco RS-3 diesel locomotive. Pennsylvania RR. Three road numbers. Phase I body; three-chime airhorn; 1,400-gallon fuel tank; body-mounted number boards; 7.5mm coreless motor with dual flywheels; traction tires, built-in pilot; directional light-emitting-diode headlights; and body-mounted couplers. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
American Z Line Z scale Electro-Motive Division GP38-2 diesel locomotive
American Z Line Z scale Electro-Motive Division GP38-2 diesel locomotive
Electro-Motive Division GP38-2 diesel locomotive. Southern Pacific. Two road numbers. Coreless motor with dual flywheels, traction tires, standard printed-circuit board, directional light-emitting-diode headlights, Auto-Latch couplers, and optional pilot or plow. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
Jordan Spreader & Russell Snow Plow book cover
Jordan Spreader & Russell Snow Plow
Jordan Spreader & Russell Snow Plow. Reproductions of catalogs and brochures from the O.F. Jordan Co. and Russell Car Snow Plow Co. Includes four catalogs on the Jordan Spreader, detailing the design and use. Catalogs also illustrate the use of spreaders, ditchers, snow plows, and ice cutters. Russell Car Snow Plow Co. catalogs show the various single- and double-track snow plows and flanger cars. Softcover, 92 pages. $35. Manufacturers’ Catalog Archive. SilverLake Images LLC and Ron’s Books, 914-967-7541,
Browning Locomotive Cranes, Vol. 1 book cover
Browning Locomotive Cranes, Vol. 1
Browning Locomotive Cranes, Vol. 1. Reproduction of a 1917 Browning Co. locomotive crane catalog. Includes a brief description of the Browning Locomotive Crane system; including single-truck (four-wheel) and double-truck (eight-wheel) models; features of cranes, booms, and fittings. Illustrations show cranes in use in a variety of roles, including lifting, digging, and pile driving. Softcover, 74 pages. $35. Manufacturers’ Catalog Archive. SilverLake Images LLC and Ron’s Books, 914-967-7541,
Accurail HO scale Kankakee & Seneca RR 40-foot stockcar
Club offerings
Kankakee & Seneca RR 40-foot stockcar. Accurail HO scale kit custom-decorated for the Kankakee Model Railroad Club. Kit, $25; assembled with Kadee couplers, $30. Shipping $6 per car. Check or money order payable to KMRC, 197 S. East Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901

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