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New model trains for the week of October 22, 2020

Check out the latest HO, N, Z, and large scale model railroad products announced this week!
HO scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division SD60 diesel locomotive. Chicago & North Western (as-delivered scheme in two road numbers, Operation Lifesaver in one number), Electro-Motive Division demonstrator (blue and white), Norfolk Southern (Union Pacific patchout in two numbers, Helm Financial patchout in one number), Oakway Leasing (blue and white), Soo Line (Candy Apple Red), and Union Pacific (“lightning stripe” scheme). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Injection-molded plastic body with separate, factory-applied details; clear window glazing; and plastic handrails and stanchions. Direct-current model, $159.98; with dual-mode SoundTraxx Econami sound decoder, $229.98. October 2021. Ready-to-Roll. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
HO scale freight cars
Chemical tank car. Ethyl Corp. (gray and black), Gulf (black with orange billboard lettering), Hooker Chemicals (orange and black), Procor (black with orange band), A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co. (light gray with blue-and-green logo), The New Jersey Zinc Co. (blue and white), and Warren (black and white). Three single cars and one three-pack per scheme. Wire handrails, machined metal wheels, and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. Single car, $34.98; three-pack, $99.98. October 2021. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Trinity 5,161-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. Agrium Wholesale (gray, three single cars), Archer Daniels Midland (gray with modern logo), BNSF Ry. (Oxide Red with circle-cross herald and post-2005 herald), Borax (gray), Cargill (gray with CGOX or CGEX reporting marks), CP Rail (gray with “CP Rail” lettering), CSX (tan with “Grain Express” logo, 1990s version [single car and two three-packs], and 2010s version [three single cars]), GATX Lease (gray, two single cars and one three-pack), and David J. Joseph Co. (gray, two single cars and one three-pack). Two single cars and two three-packs unless noted. New body styles (including BNSF Ry. with stiffeners), Genesis 100-ton trucks with 36” machined metal wheels and rotating bearing caps, photo-etched metal running board, and body-mounted McHenry operating scale couplers. Single car, $56.98; three-pack, $164.98. October 2021. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Tangent Scale Models HO scale General American 8,000-gallon 1917-design radial course tank car
General American 8,000-gallon 1917-design radial course tank car. Canadian General Transit Co. (1955+ lease, six road numbers); General American Transportation Corp. (1936+ lease in six numbers and 1936+ Wadhams Oil [East Chicago, Ind.] in one number); Spokane, Portland & Seattle (1964+, one road number); and Transcontinental Oil Products (Marathon 1926+, three road numbers). Prototype-specific (AB or KC) brake variations, separately applied tank handrail and tank strap, wire grab irons and uncoupling levers, and Kadee scale head couplers. $44.95. Tangent Scale Models, 828-279-6106,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale BNSF Ry. business car
HO scale passenger cars
BNSF Ry. business cars. Pullman-Standard: 74-foot baggage car no. 77 (standard only, $84.98). 85-foot 36-seat diner Fred Harvey (standard, $94.98; lighted, $104.98). 4-compartment, 4-double-bedroom, 2-drawing room sleepers Cajon Pass, Marias Pass, and Raton Pass (standard, $94.98 each; lighted, $104.98 each). Budd: 85-foot Big Dome bar-lounge-dormitory Bay View (standard, $99.98; lighted, $109.98). Painted or real metal finish as appropriate, factory-installed grab irons, and Proto-Max metal couplers. June 2021 through January 2022 delivery. WalthersProto. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale Russell snow plow
HO scale maintenance of way
Russell snow plow. Canadian National (red), Grand Trunk Western (red and black), Great Northern (Big Sky Blue), and Penn Central (yellow and black). Also available painted (yellow and black-and-red with teeth) but unlettered. Hinged, positionable side wings with wire cross braces; factory-installed wire grab irons; and Proto-Max metal coupler on rear. $79.98. December 2020. WalthersProto. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
Bachmann HO scale Yard Master train set
HO scale sets
Yard Master. Set includes Union Pacific (UP) Baldwin 0-6-0 steam locomotive with operating headlight and smoke unit; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy gondola; UP offset-cupola caboose; 36” circle of E-Z track (11 pieces of curved track and one curved plug-in terminal rerailer); power pack; and speed controller. $179. Bachmann, 215-533-1600,
MAC Rail LCC HO scale early end-of-train device
HO scale details and accessories
Early end-of-train devices. Silver box (based on Norfolk Southern prototype used in 1990s and 2000s). Fin (used by many railroads during 1980s). Red bandit (based on Norfolk Southern prototype used in 1980s and 1990s). Red box (used by many railroads during 1980s). Timeclock (based on 1980s prototype). 3-D printed details painted light gray with hand-painted details, Scotchlite reflective tape as appropriate, and rhinestone crystal lens (red or gold as appropriate). Twist in, twist out design. Available for Kadee nos. 5 and 58 couplers. Three-pack, $20. MAC Rail LLC,
East Coast Circuits HO scale Ricko custom-lighted Dodge Charger
Ricko custom-lighted Dodge Chargers. Eight models available, including police, fire, and sheriff. Features 14 (standard, including New York Police Dept.) to 16 (push-bumper-equipped models) light-emitting diodes with six flashing patterns, front passenger side slick top, operating light bar, rear slick top with six LEDs, slick top with four LEDs (NYPD models), and head and taillights with strobe patterns. Input 9-12V DC only. $85 to $90 including shipping. Available holiday season 2020. East Coast Circuits,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale Stoughton 53-foot trailer
Stoughton 53-foot trailer. Bison Transport, J.B. Hunt, M.S. Carriers, Knight Transportation, Marten, and Ozark. “Sliding” undercarriage/wheels, landing gear in raised and lowered position, and four latch bars for intermodal service. Two-pack, $34.98. November 2020. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
Kato USA N scale Electro-Motive Division SD70M diesel locomotive
Kato USA N scale Electro-Motive Division SD70M diesel locomotive
N scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division SD70M diesel locomotive. Southern Pacific (scarlet and gray with speed lettering) and CSX (dark blue and yellow). Two road numbers per scheme. Flat radiator section, five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels, directional headlight, illuminated number boxes with factory printed number boards, and Kato couplers with modeler-installed trip pins. Direct-current model (compatible with Train Control Systems K1D4-NC and Digitrax DN163K1C and DN163K1D Digital Command Control motor and light decoders, sold separately), $125. With Digitrax DCC motor and light decoder, $205. With ESU LokSound DCC and sound decoder, $325. March/April 2021. Kato USA Inc., 847-781-9500,
Bachmann N scale Whistle-Stop Special train set
N scale train sets
Whistle-Stop Special. Set includes Union Pacific (UP) 4-6-0 steam locomotive with steam sound package, Denver & Rio Grande Western 40-foot boxcar, Owenwood single-dome tank car, UP offset-cupola caboose, E-Z Command control center with wall pack and plug-in wiring, and 24” x 34” oval of nickel silver E-Z Track. $479. Bachmann, 215-533-1600,
N scale details and accessories
Allis-Chalmers HD-21 crawler and dozer. Crawler kit (no blade), $15.99. Dozer kit, $18.99. Assembled and painted crawler or dozer, $85 each. Decals (completes one model), $5. Model features urethane resin body and treads and 3-D printed acrylic blade, hydraulic cylinders, and exhaust pipe. Kits and decals, November 2020; assembled and painted models, January 2021. Wheels of Time,
LGB (Märklin Inc.) large scale 0-4-2T steam locomotive Santa’s Chloe
Large scale locomotives
0-4-2T steam locomotive Santa’s Chloe. Locomotive, painted in Christmas paint scheme, features working headlight and Santa Claus engineer figure. Both driving wheelsets are driven by motor with ball bearings. $419.99. LGB (Märklin Inc.), 573-365-9521,
PIKO-America large scale Christmas hot cocoa tank car
Large scale freight cars
Christmas hot cocoa tank car. Factory-applied handrails, turnbuckles on tank bands, ladder, brake wheels, brake cylinder, and stirrup steps; plastic wheels, and hook-and-loop type couplers. $115.99. PIKO-America, 619-280-2800,
LGB (Märklin Inc.) large scale 2020 Christmas car
Large scale passenger cars
2020 Christmas car. Features positionable doors, metal wheelsets, icicles, and hook-and-loop couplers. $164.99. LGB (Märklin Inc.), 573-365-9521,
LGB (Märklin Inc.) large scale open-side passenger car
Open-side passenger car. For use with Santa’s Chloe 0-4-2T steam locomotive (sold separately). Seatbacks can be flipped so passenger figures (not included) can sit facing the direction of travel. Car features metal wheelsets. $109.99. LGB (Märklin Inc.), 573-365-9521,
American Z Line Z scale Alco RS-3 diesel locomotive
Z scale locomotives
Alco RS-3 diesel locomotive. Southern Ry. Three road numbers. Phase I body; body-mounted number boards; Alco Association of American Railroads trucks; dual-bulb headlights; three-chime air horn; and 800-gallon fuel tank. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,
American Z Line Z scale Gunderson Maxi-I five-unit articulated well car
Z scale freight cars
Gunderson Maxi-I five-unit articulated well car. TTX (DTTX reporting marks with old logo). Five road numbers (without load in five numbers, with five matched intermodal containers [Hyundai, P&O, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Yang Ming, and Zim] in one number each). Well cars feature metal chassis with etched-metal details, add-on parts, Auto-Latch couplers, roller-bearing trucks, and metal wheelsets. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,

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