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New model trains for the week of October 8, 2020

Check out the latest HO and N scale model railroading products from Bachmann, Rapido Trains, Wm. K. Walthers, and more!
HO scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division GP39-2 diesel locomotive. BNSF Ry. (Santa Fe patchout in two road numbers, Heritage III in one number), CSX (blue, yellow, and gray scheme in three numbers, Reading Co. patchout in two numbers), Delaware & Hudson (Reading Co. patchout in one number, 1989 rebuild in two numbers), Reading Co. (green-and-yellow scheme), and Union Pacific (faded Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray in two numbers, repainted “lightning stripe” scheme with remote-control locomotive lights in one number). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Prototype-specific details, light-emitting-diode headlights, and wire grab irons. Direct-current model with 21-pin NEM plug, $209.98; with dual-mode SoundTraxx Tsunami2 sound decoder, $299.98. October 2021. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Alco PA and PB diesel locomotive. PA only (two numbers each in direct current and with dual-mode sound): Nickel Plate Road (blue and white), Delaware & Hudson (blue and silver warbonnet), and Erie Lackawanna (gray and maroon). PA and PA-PB sets (DC in one number each, with dual-mode sound in two numbers each): Denver & Rio Grande Western (Grande Gold and silver) and Southern Pacific (Daylight scheme). Prototype-specific details, all-wheel drive and electrical pickup, and drill starter points for grab irons (detail kit sold separately). DC: PA, $169.98; PA-PB set, $319.98. With dual-mode ESU sound decoder: PA, $229.98; PA-PB set, $439.98. November 2021 (SP, February 2021). WalthersMainline. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
HO scale freight cars
40-foot grain boxcar. New road numbers: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (“Ship and Travel Santa Fe – All the Way” slogan); Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (Chinese Red with “Everywhere West” slogan), CP Rail (Action Red with Multimark), Great Northern (Big Sky Blue), Soo Line (Boxcar Red with billboard lettering), and Union Pacific (yellow and silver with “Automated Rail Way” slogan). Three road numbers per scheme. Machined metal wheels; separate, factory-applied brake wheel; and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. $30.98. October 2021. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

North American Car Co. 8,000-gallon tank car. Amaizo (white), American Maize Products Co. (green), General American Transportation Corp. (black with blue logo), A.E. Staley Manufacturing Co. (black), Union Carbide Corp. (blue with RAIX reporting marks), and Union Tank Car (black). Three road numbers per scheme. Photo-etched metal platforms, solid- or roller-bearing trucks as appropriate, and wire end and platform railings. $38.98. October 2021. Ready-to-Roll. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Bachmann Trains HO scale Milwaukee Roads scale test car
Scale test car. Milwaukee Road (orange); Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (black and silver); Canadian National (Mineral Red); New York Central (brown); and Pennsylvania RR (black). One road number per scheme. Die-cast metal body; separate, factory-applied brake wheel, handrails, and signs; blackened machined-metal wheels with non-magnetic blackened-brass axles; and E-Z Mate couplers. $41. Silver Series. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,
Rapido Trains HO scale Budd Manor-series 4-section, 4-roomette, 5-double-bedroom, 1-compartment sleeper"
HO scale passenger cars
Budd Manor-series 4-section, 4-roomette, 5-double-bedroom, 1-compartment sleeper. Amtrak (phase 1), Canadian Pacific (maroon), CP Rail (Action Red), Seaboard Air Line, and VIA Rail (original and Canada schemes). Track-powered interior lighting (compatible with direct current and Digital Command Control); underbody details including separate air, steam, and electrical lines; metal grab irons, stirrup steps, and end gates; multi-color interior detail; sprung diaphragms; and Macdonald-Cartier metal couplers. $119.95. Scheduled for delivery in 2021. Superior Stainless line. Rapido Trains, 905-474-3314,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe business car
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe business cars. Pullman-Standard: 74-foot steam generator car nos. 131 (silver, $84.98) and 133 (American Revolution Bicentennial scheme, $89.98). 74-foot baggage car no. 77 ($84.98). 85-foot 36-seat diner no. 61 (standard, $94.98; lighted, $104.98). 85-foot 4-compartment, 4-double-bedroom, 2-drawing room sleepers Regal Hunt, Regal Lane, and Regal Lark (standard, $94.98 each; lighted, $104.98 each). Budd: 85-foot Big Dome bar-lounge-dormitory no. 60 (standard, $99.98; lighted, $109.98). Painted or real metal finish as appropriate, factory-installed grab irons, and Proto-Max metal couplers. May 2021 through January 2022 delivery. WalthersProto. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
Wm. K. Walthers HO scale Milwaukee Road yellow-and-gray Hiawatha passenger cars
Milwaukee Road yellow-and-gray Hiawatha passenger cars. Super Dome no. 53 and Skytop observation Cedar Rapids. Tinted windows with black gaskets as appropriate, factory-installed grab irons, and modeler-installed extended drawbars for 22” radius curves. Modified ends with new lift rings and diaphragms, turned metal wheelsets, and Proto-Max metal couplers. $94.98 each. WalthersProto. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,
HO scale details and accessories
20-foot refrigerated intermodal container with chassis. Beacon with Hyundai chassis, CGM with Trac Leasing chassis, CMA CGM with Trac Leasing chassis, Hapag-Lloyd with Flexi-Van chassis, Ocean Network Express with Flexi-Van chassis, and Tropical with Hyundai chassis. Container chassis is stackable with vinyl tires, landing gear, and painted mudflaps. $33.98. October 2021. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
N scale freight cars
Bi-level auto rack. BNSF Ry. (Mineral Red with circle-cross herald and yellow with post-2005 herald), Canadian National (white, six road numbers), Conrail (brown), CP Rail (red), CSX (yellow), Ferromex (gray), Grand Trunk Western (blue), Kansas City Southern (yellow with dual heralds), Mexican Rail Transportation (yellow), Norfolk Southern (yellow with Thoroughbred herald), Providence & Worcester (white), Southern Ry. (brown), Union Pacific (yellow with and without “Building America” slogan), and Western Pacific (brown). Four numbers per scheme unless noted. Etched-metal panels, wire grab irons, metal wheelsets, Micro-Trains trucks, and Magne-Matic couplers. Price to be announced. Fox Valley Models, produced by InterMountain Railway Co., 800-472-2530,

Pullman-Standard 4,427-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (Mineral Red with billboard lettering); BNSF Ry. (Mineral Red with circle-cross herald); Burlington Northern (Cascade Green with large herald); Chicago & North Western (gray); Continental Grain Co. (white); Corn Products Co. (gray); Denver & Rio Grande Western (gray with “The Action Road” slogan); and Rock Island (gray with italic lettering). Three single cars and one three-pack per scheme. Screw-mounted roller-bearing trucks, machined metal 36” metal wheels, and body-mounted McHenry couplers. Single car, $32.98; three-pack, $93.98. October 2021. AthearnN. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Minifer N scale Bellevue gas station
N scale structures
Bellevue gas station. Ozo (1950s-1960s signs and pumps) and Total (1970s-1980s signs and pumps). Laser-cut cardboard kit. Measures 2.95” x 2.16” x 2.55”. $21.10. Price may vary based on exchange rate. Minifer,
HO scale passenger car lighting board. Magnetic wand on/off control, super capacitors, 16 light-emitting diodes for even lighting, and adjustable brightness. Instructions and most parts for installation in cars without pickups are provided. Conductive wheels are required; can also use existing pickups. Circuit board can be shortened to as little as 4” with diagonal cutters or razor saw. 1F capacitance on board, limited maximum 0.2A current when charging for Digital Command Control compatibility. Typical current draw is .01A after charging is complete. Board with magnetic wand on/off control, $24.95; without want, $19.95. Shipping is $5 for first unit. Additional units ship at no added cost. Voltscooter Engineering, 413-532-4306,
SceniKing S scale Roll Outs photo backdrop
SceniKing S scale Roll Outs photo backdrop
SceniKing Roll Outs photo backdrops. S scale. Digitally printed inter-connectible photo backdrops. Fifteen scenes (6 feet long, 16-1/2” tall) printed on glare-free 24-pound paper with long-life inks. All scenes have ¼” seamless overlap and identical top sky coloration to enable upward extension using a matched paint. Sky scenes with clouds and deepening color are available to double backdrop height. $41.95 each. BPH Enterprises, 705-739, 4878,
Xuron Corp. Precision flush cutters
Xuron Corp. Precision flush cutters
Precision flush cutters. Model 410 (hobbies, crafts, and bead stringing), Model 2175 (jewelry making, wire crafts, basketry, caning, and cutting stained glass lead came), Model 9100 oval head (wire art, chainmail, and cutting jump rings), Model 9250ET (with extra tapered head), and Model 9200LH (long handle). High-carbon-steel construction with non-glare black finish, soft rubber hand grips, Light Touch return springs, and Micro-Shear blade by-pass shear cutting. $15 to $28 depending on model. Xuron Corp., 207-283-1401,
Motorbooks Rails Around the World: Two Centuries of Trains and Locomotives cover
Motorbooks Rails Around the World: Two Centuries of Trains and Locomotives
Rails Around the World: Two Centuries of Trains and Locomotives. By Brian Solomon. Features a selection of the world’s most significant trains and locomotives from the last two centuries. Includes Budd stainless-steel streamliners, Electro-Motive Division F units, Spanish Talgo trains, French TGVs, and Japanese Shinkansen trains, among others. Hardcover, 192 pages. $40. Motorbooks, 978-282-9590,

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