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Model railroad locomotive, freight car, passenger equipment, decal, and electronic announcements for January 7, 2021

Model railroad product news including HO, N, and Z scales
Product News
Model railroad operators and builders can get the latest information about locomotives, freight cars, structures, electronics, train sets, and more by reading Model Railroader’s frequent product updates. Here are the products Model Railroad editors have news on for the week of Jan. 7, 2021.
HO scale locomotives
Norfolk & Western class A 2-6-6-4 steam locomotive. Nos. 1214, 1218 (in-service version and glossy museum finish), 1220, 1228, 1239 (22i tender and roller-bearing side rods), and 1241 (22i tender and roller-bearing side rods). Also available painted black but unlettered in two versions. ABS body, die-cast metal chassis, dual-mode Paragon3 sound decoder with Rolling Thunder, synchronized smoke unit, and factory-installed crew figures. $599.99. Broadway Limited Imports, 386-673-8900,
Athearn Genesis HO scale General American 20,000-gallon general service tank car painted black with white GATX reporting marks and road number.
HO scale freight cars
General American 20,000-gallon general service tank car. GATX (black with Clean, Oil, Test & Stencil panels and Automatic Car Identification tag; black with “Service Driven” logo; and white), Alaska RR (five road numbers – two single cars and one three-pack), Emery (white with GATX reporting marks in four numbers), and Reagent Chemical & Research. Six road numbers (three single cars and one three-pack) per scheme unless noted. Separate, factory-applied brake wheel and ladders; 70- or 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps; and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. Single car, $51.98; three-pack, $149.98. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Bi-level auto racks. BNSF Ry. (Mineral Red with circle-cross herald), Canadian National (white with red “wet noodle” herald, six road numbers), Ferromex (gray and red), Kansas City Southern (yellow with dual heralds), and Providence & Worcester (light gray and black). Four numbers per scheme unless noted. See-through metal side panels, wire grab irons, and metal wheelsets. $99.95. InterMountain Railway Co., 303-772-1901,

Gunderson FMC wood-chip gondolas with exterior posts. Burlington Northern (Cascade Green with large and small heralds), BNSF Ry. (Mineral Red with circle-cross herald), and Montana Rail Link (dark blue in original and The Washington Companies schemes). Six road numbers per scheme. All-new model with metal wheelsets. $31.95. Release date to be announced. InterMountain Railway Co., 303-772-1901,

Gunderson FMC rotary wood-chip gondolas with exterior posts. Apache Ry. (light blue), Southern Pacific (brown), and Willamette & Pacific (orange with Genesee & Wyoming-style herald). Six road numbers per scheme. All-new model with metal wheelsets. $31.95. Release date to be announced. InterMountain Railway Co., 303-772-1901,

Greenville 86-foot high-cube double-plug-door boxcar. CSX (repaint 1991/92+ in three road numbers and repaint conspicuity 2005+ in two numbers), Grand Trunk Western (original 1977 in six numbers), Louisville & Nashville (original 1965 in six numbers), Norfolk & Western (1975+ class B-108 repaint in four numbers), Penn Central (1969+ repaint in three numbers), and Western Pacific (original 1964 with “Distribution Dividend” slogan in six numbers). Also available as undecorated kits in seven versions. Prototype-specific details, trucks with rotating bearing caps, and Kadee scale couplers. $54.95. Tangent Scale Models, 828-279-6106,
Brass Car Sides HO scale side vents for Chicago & North Western intercity bi-level commuter cars.
HO scale details and accessories
Side vents for bi-level commuter cars. For Chicago & North Western intercity bi-level cars (two-pack, $4.75). For Pullman-Standard bi-level cars (two-pack, $4.25). Parts are etched from .006” spring brass and tabbed (not attached to backing tape). For use with models from Holgate & Reynolds, Kato, Three Brothers Manufacturing, and Wm. K. Walthers Inc. Brass Car Sides,
N scale passenger equipment
Assorted brass sides for passenger cars. Great Northern: 48-seat 1215-series coach, Lake-series diner, and View-series Great Dome lounge. Northern Pacific: 588-series Day-Nite coach, Budd dome-sleeper, Pullman-Standard 450-455-series diner, mail-dorm, and Travelers Rest lounge. Sides are .008” brass with surface features, windows, grab iron holes, and other openings etched through. Sides require core kit, trucks, couplers, and additional details (sold separately). $30 each. Brass Car Sides,
N scale details and accessories
2020 holiday 53-foot intermodal container. Dark blue with snowflakes and silhouette of reindeer pulling Santa in his sleigh. Single container, $21.95. 2018 and 2019 holiday 20-foot intermodal containers also available, $18.95 each. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,
Ztrack Distribution and ArchiStories Z scale 19th century houses in Ruby Red, Olive Green, and Dark Blue.

 Z scale structures
19th century house. New colors: Ruby Red, Olive Green, and Dark Blue. Kits are made from high-grade architectural laserboard. Measures 1.77” x 1.38” x 1.30”. Produced by ArchiStories, available from Ztrack Distribution, 614-764-1703,

ArchiStories and Ztrack Distribution Z scale country church with steeple and separate sign.
Country church. Kit features high-grade architectural cardstock in various colors (no painting required), window glazing with stained glass finish, and a bell in the steeple. Measures 3.74” x 2.36” x 4.13”. Produced by ArchiStories, available from Ztrack Distribution, 614-764-1703,
Z scale details and accessories
Picket fences. Dark brown and white. Includes two single and two double gates. Approximately 14” per pack. Produced by ArchiStories, available from Ztrack Distribution, 614-764-1703,
Two-pack of Raildig stick-on light-emitting diodes.
Light-emitting diodes. Includes two warm white surface-mount light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with double-sided foam squares, Quick Connect plug, no. 4 screw (for attaching Quick Connect plug to underside of layout), and six foam-backed adhesive wire clips. Each LED has 24” length of twisted wire stripped at the ends. Designed for use with ArchiStories 19th century houses and church (sold separately). Produced by Raildig, available from Ztrack Distribution, 614-764-1703,
Great Decals HO scale Louisville & Nashville diner decal set.
Louisville & Nashville diners. HO scale. Set includes Louisville & Nashville road names, 15 car names, and road numbers in Dulux Gold. Each set completes at least one car. Artwork by Curt Fortenberry. $7.49. Virginia residents please include sales tax. Bill Mosteller, Great Decals, 3306 Parkside Terrace, Fairfax, VA 22031;

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