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Model railroad locomotives, freight cars, and structure announcements for December 10, 2020

Model railroading product news including HO, N, and O scales
Model railroad operators and builders can get the latest information about locomotives, freight cars, structures, electronics, train sets, and more by reading Model Railroader’s frequent product updates. Here are the products Model Railroader’s editors have news on for the week of Dec. 10, 2020.
Athearn Genesis HO scale Electro-Motive Division GP9 diesel locomotive
HO scale locomotives
Electro-Motive Division GP9 and GP9B diesel locomotive. GP9: Canadian Pacific (Action Red with Multimark and steam generator equipment); Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (blue-and-yellow warbonnet); Boston & Maine (“blue dip” scheme); Louisville & Nashville (gray and yellow, with removed steam generator equipment and rooftop air tanks and standard freight units in two road numbers each); Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo (maroon and cream with steam generator equipment); and Union Pacific (Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray with “Serves All the West” slogan on cab). GP9B: Union Pacific (Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Prototype-specific details, light-emitting-diode headlights, and factory-installed and painted wire grab irons. Direct-current model 21-pin NEM connector, $209.98; with dual-mode SoundTraxx Tsunami2 sound car, $299.98. December 2021. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Atlas Trainman HO scale 68-foot bulkhead flatcar
HO scale freight cars
Assorted 68-foot flatcars. New paint schemes. Bulkhead flatcar: Boise Cascade (green and white with Minnesota, Dakota & Western reporting marks), General American (blue and white), and TTX (yellow and black with modern logo). Short bulkhead flatcar: TTX (modern logo, two numbers). Without bulkheads: TTX (yellow and black with modern logo). New road numbers. Bulkhead flatcar: BNSF Ry. (Mineral Red and white) and TTX (yellow and black). Short bulkhead flatcar: Colorado & Wyoming (blue and white) and TTX (yellow and black, two road numbers). Without bulkheads: Department of Defense (red and black) and Union Pacific (Maintenance of way green and white). Three numbers per scheme unless noted; all body styles available undecorated. Side stake pockets, simulated tie loops, pull plate and lift ring detail, and fish-belly center sill. $32.95 (undecorated, $29.95). Third quarter 2021. Trainman series. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,
Athearn Roundhouse line HO scale 40-foot hi-cube boxcar
40-foot hi-cube boxcar with exterior posts. Arizona & Eastern Ry. (Southern Pacific patchout), Burlington Northern (Cascade Green), Golden West Service (dark blue), Penn Central (Deepwater Green with black herald), St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt, “Hydra-Cushion for Fragile Freight” slogan), and Southern Pacific (“Hydra-Cushion for Fragile Freight” slogan and Golden West Service patchout). Three road numbers per paint scheme. Injection-molded plastic with separate, factory-applied brake wheel; machined metal wheels; and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. $30.98. December 2021. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Athearn Genesis HO scale Pullman-Standard 2893 three-bay covered hopper in Great Northern’s Big Sky Blue paint scheme
Pullman-Standard PS-2 2,893-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. Great Northern (Big Sky Blue, one road number); Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (gray); Baltimore & Ohio (gray); Central of Georgia (gray with “The Right Way” slogan); Chicago & North Western (gray with black and white “ball and bar” herald); Pittsburgh & Lake Erie (gray and black with New York Central herald); and Southern Ry. (gray). Three numbers per scheme unless noted. Etched-metal running board, wire grab irons, and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. $52.98. December 2021. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Tangent Scale Models HO scale General American 8,000-gallon radial course tank car
General American 8,000-gallon insulated 1917-design radial course tank car. Anchor Petroleum Co., Tulsa, Okla. (1948+, six road numbers) and National Tank Car Co. (1922+ lease, three numbers). Also available ready to run painted black but unlettered and as undecorated kit. Separate, factory-applied tank handrail and tank strap detail; CNC-machined 33” metal wheels; and Kadee scale head couplers. $44.95. Tangent Scale Models, 828-279-6106,
Bachmann HO scale Rail Chief train set
HO scale sets
Rail Chief. Set includes BNSF Ry. Electro-Motive Division GP40 diesel locomotive, Burlington Northern 50-foot steel refrigerator car, Canadian National 40-foot gondola, Wisconsin Central four-bay offset-side hopper, BNSF Ry. offset-cupola caboose, 38” x 47” oval of snap-fit E-Z Track, signal bridge, 48 railroad and street signs, 36 figures, 24 telephone poles, power pack, and speed controller. $259. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,
DPM/Roomettes HO scale Combos
HO scale structures
DPM/Roomettes Combos. Ashby Auto Parts, $42.99. Arlington Hotel, $59.99. Atlas Taxi & Delivery, $32.99. Banfield Street Flats, $43.99. Banfield Street no. 1, $32.99. Banfield Street no. 3, $32.99. The Bookworm, $34.99. Borgo Auto Loans, $29.99. Bradley Fire Hall, $32.99. Eastown Cycle, $25.99. Millie’s House, $26.99. Mongillo Jewelers, $32.99. Ohio Shipping, $34.99. The Paint Pros, $31.99. Signal Brewery, $35.99. Sporto’s Outdoor & Athletic, $37.99. Stewart’s Hobby Shop, $31.99. Each set includes DPM building, Roomettes laser-cut interior kit, and light-emitting-diode interior lighting (compatible with Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System, sold separately). Woodland Scenics, 573-346-5555,
Athearn N scale FMC 50-foot offset-side double-door boxcar
N scale freight cars
FMC 50-foot offset double-door boxcar. Burlington Northern (Galveston Wharves, East St. Louis Junction RR Co., and Union RR of Oregon patchouts), Arcata & Mad River (red with Simpson Timber Co. lettering), Sierra RR (cream and orange), Yreka Western (dark blue with goose herald), and Northern California shortlines three-pack (one each Arcata & Mad River, Sierra RR, and Yreka Western). Three road numbers per scheme. Injection-molded plastic with screw-mounted roller-bearing trucks, metal wheels, and McHenry couplers. Single car, $26.98; three-pack, $76.98. December 2021. AthearnN. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,
Atlas N scale TrinityRail 31,000-gallon crude oil tank car
TrinityRail 31,000-gallon crude oil tank car. New paint schemes (single cars): High Sierra Energy and Ferromex (paint scheme correct for similar car). Six road numbers each; also available undecorated. Tank and buffer car six-pack (each set includes four tank cars and two BNSF Ry. 4,180-cubic-foot-capacity Airslide covered hoppers): Capital Finance, Shell Oil, and Trinity Industries Leasing. Tank car six-pack: Capital Finance, Shell Oil, and Trinity Industries Leasing. Tank cars include separate brake detail, BLMA 100-ton American Steel Foundries Ride Control trucks, and BLMA 36” metal wheels. Single car, $36.95; six-packs, $221.70. Third quarter 2021. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,
N scale sets
Super Chief. Set includes Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Electro-Motive Division F7A diesel locomotive; Denver & Rio Grande Western 40-foot boxcar; Burlington Northern 40-foot gondola with load; Santa Fe offset-cupola caboose; 24” circle of nickel silver E-Z Track; power pack; and controller. $189. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,
N scale structures
DPM/Roomettes Combos. Grafton Hotel, $44.99. Storefront Assortment (eight DPM structures and coordinating Roomettes interiors), $145.99. Each set includes DPM building(s), Roomettes laser-cut interior kit(s), and light-emitting-diode interior lighting (compatible with Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System, sold separately). Woodland Scenics, 573-346-5555,
Atlas O operating oil pump
O scale details and accessories
Operating oil pump. New paint schemes: Zebra and red, white, and blue. Re-issues: Black, black and orange, blue and white, and red bird. Factory-assembled and wire. Operates on AC or DC power (8-22V). $94.95. Third quarter 2021. Atlas O, 908-687-0880,
Atlas O solid-bearing trucks for wagontop boxcars
Solid-bearing trucks for wagontop boxcars. Sprung, die-cast metal trucks with metal wheels. Compatible with Weaver rolling stock. Two-pack, $27.95. Atlas O, 908-687-0880,
Cluster of five chrome-mounted control panel LEDs with red and black wires
Chrome-mounted control panel light-emitting diodes. Red, blue, green, white, yellow, and red/green. Pre-wired LEDs (3mm LED in ¼” chromed brass mount). Leads (11.8”) have resistors added. Safe voltage range 12 to 15V DC. Six-pack, $10.62 each. Price may vary based on exchange rate. DCCconcepts, +44 (0)1729 821080,
Great Northern 24 x 48-foot passenger and freight depot
Club offerings
Great Northern 24 x 48-foot passenger and freight depot. Laser-cut basswood and aircraft-grade three-ply birch plywood HO scale kit produced by Hidden River Manufacturing for the Great Northern Ry. Historical Society. Features interior and exterior walls, flooring, removable roof with soffit, three-tab shingle strips, two- or three-bay front windows, window and door plugs for modifying the depot, roof access ladder, peel-and-stick doors, windows with glazing, basswood chimney, and trim. Measures 6.563” x 3.75” x 3”. Platform not included. $49.95. Great Northern Ry. Historical Society,

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Freight yard design and operation.

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