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Model Rectifier Corp. Prodigy Advance Wireless DCC system

A Model Railroader sneak preview
Prodigy Advance Digital Command Control
Prodigy Advance Digital Command Control
Model Rectifier Corp. is adding a wireless throttle to its line of Prodigy Advance Digital Command Control (DCC) products. Model Railroader recently had a chance to operate a pre-production sample of one of the new wireless throttles on both a Prodigy Advance and Prodigy Advance Squared DCC system.

The Prodigy Advance Wireless conversion kit includes a wireless handheld throttle, receiver, four AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries, and a short recharging cord.

To begin using the throttle, all I had to do was plug the receiver into the command port of our Prodigy Advance command base and turn the power switch on the side of the throttle to the "on" position. Only one receiver is needed no matter how many wireless throttles you have.

I found the Prodigy Advance Wireless throttle very user-friendly, especially since I'm already familiar with using other Prodigy Advance DCC products. The throttle has a similar button configuration and can perform all the same functions as the 28-function Prodigy Advance Squared tethered throttle and even includes some new options.

One cool new feature is the "Prog CV on Main" button, which makes it easier to adjust configuration variables (CV's) while operating. This eliminates the need for multiple keypresses and makes programming a quicker task.

To recharge the NiMh AAA batteries, I plugged one end of the short recharging cord into the bottom of the throttle and the other end into a cab port on the command base. Although it increases recharging time, you can use the throttle during recharging. A handy "Bat voltage" button lets you monitor the throttle's voltage. It takes about five hours for a depleted battery to become fully charged.

The MRC Prodigy Advance Wireless throttle adds another level of versatility to the Prodigy Advance DCC system. Look for a full product review of an official production sample in a future issue of Model Railroader.

Price: $289.98

Model Rectifier Corp.
80 Newfield Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837

Description: Wireless Digital Command Control (DCC) conversion kit, including one throttle, one receiver, recharging cord, and four rechargeable AAA NiMh batteries

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