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Faller Gras-Fix static grass applicator with funnel sifter

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Faller Gras-Fix static grass applicator with funnel sifter
Faller Gras-Fix static grass applicator with funnel sifter
Price: See your Faller dealer

Gebr. Faller GmbH
Kreuzstrasse 9
D-78148 Gütenbach, Germany

Comments: This handy tool for applying static grass is the latest offering from Faller. The Gras-Fix measures 91⁄2" long and has a 3" diameter grass hopper that’s 1-7/8" deep. It also includes a funnel sifter for spot applications. The scenery tool is powered by a 9-volt battery.

The Gras-Fix converts power from the battery into a high-voltage electrostatic change, so use it with caution. Don’t disassemble the tool or touch the metal grate when the power is on.

Before applying the static grass, I soaked the area with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement (Faller Colorfix or homemade matte medium will also work). Then I attached the tethered grounding clip to a panel nail and pressed the latter into the glue-soaked scenery.

I filled the hopper with the supplied 2mm static grass fibers and turned the power on. This creates a charged electrical field that helps the fibers stand on end. I held the Gras-Fix about 1 " above the scenery and shook it lightly. The static grass stood on end as advertised.

Then I attached the funnel sifter and tried some spot applications. The 2mm fibers didn’t stand on end as well. I had better luck with 6mm fibers.

Though designed for Faller static grass, I also tested it with Busch and Woodland Scenics fibers. Both brands worked well. The Gras-Fix makes it easy to add scenery to large and small areas on your model railroad.

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