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Trainz Simulator 12 by Auran N3V Games

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TRAINZ 12 computer game screen shot_1
Trainz 12 computer game screen shot
Have you wondered what it would be like to control some of the world’s most famous trains? Trainz Simulator 12 lets you design and build your own virtual railroad complete with a variety of landscapes and industries.

Virtual model railroad. From the main menu you can choose routes with specific cars and locomotives. The tasks you must complete include taking a train from point A to B and helping a train up a grade.
The game features DCC mode, which is like running a model train on your computer, and Cab mode, which is a more complicated and realistic simulation. In each mode you can change camera angles and sound the horn or whistle. You must watch your speed, as the game will end if you exceed speed limits.

I especially enjoyed playing the Norfolk & Western and the Northeast Corridor routes. The N&W Mallet was a real treat to run in the Appalachian Coal simulation. The engine sounded like the prototype I’d seen on video, and controlling the engine is a fun experience for those of us who have never ridden in the cab of a steam locomotive.

The Northeast Corridor features passenger operations on Amtrak’s high-speed Acela trains. The sleek locomotive and cars are well rendered.
TRAINZ 12 computer game screen shot_2
Trainz 12 computer game screen shot
Other routes include the Mojave Subdivision and generic municipal transit route. Foreign routes include Balezino to Mosti (Russia), Debrecen to Nyiregyhaza (Hungary), East Coast Main Line King’s Cross to Newcastle (United Kingdom), and Southern China.

Surveyor Mode allows players to create their own routes. It’s easier to use than in the previously released Trainz 2004. There are more options and online content. The multiplayer option allows players from around the world to run and share simulations via the internet.

Software versions.
The PC that I tested the game on exceeds the game’s hardware requirements. Trainz 12 loaded on my computer, but my previously created Trainz 2004 routes no longer functioned. I would have preferred that the new game was backwards compatible.

A version of Trainz 12 is available for Apple Macintosh computers. A mobile version is also available for Apple iPad and Android-based mobile devices. These products are sold separately. For more information, see

I enjoyed Trainz 12, and with the mobile version I could have a virtual model railroad in my pocket.
Price: $49.99


Auran N3V Games
P.O. Box 644
Helensvale QLD 4212

Minimum requirements:
Windows Vista/Windows 7 (64 bit) operating system, Core 2 Duo (or equivalent) processor, 2GB RAM, nVida GeForce 8800 (or equivalent) graphics card, 16GB hard drive space, DirectX 9.0c or compatible sound card.

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