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GrassTech static grass applicator

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GrassTech static grass applicator
GrassTech static grass applicator
Price: $39.95

GrassTech USA
17011 Lincoln Ave., no. 424
Parker, CO 80134

Comments: This compact static grass applicator is one of several new products from GrassTech USA. The static grass applicator shown features a plastic handle, a plastic-rimmed metal sieve, and a wire with an alligator clip attached.

The electrical circuit in the GrassTech converts battery power (two AAs) into a stable high voltage charge. The metal sieve imparts a negative charge to the static grass fibers. Positive current travels through the attached wire and is released through the alligator clip.

I tested the GrassTech on our HO scale Milwaukee, Racine & Troy club layout. First, I wet each area with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement. Then I pressed a panel nail into the glue-soaked area and attached the alligator clip.

After filling the sieve 2/3 full with static grass, I pressed and held the red button on the side of the handle and gently shook the device about 1⁄4" above the layout. A red light on the bottom of the handle illuminates, indicating the device is on.
I found it worked best to keep the sieve within a 6" radius of the alligator clip and nail. The closer the positive and negative poles are to each other, the stronger the charge.

I tested Busch, Noch, and Woodland Scenics static grass in the GrassTech. The fibers from all three companies stood on end as advertised.

The manufacturer notes that sparks may occur during operation. The GrassTech shouldn’t be used around flammable liquids like isopropyl alcohol. Sparks may also occur if the metal sieve touches the alligator clip or nail.

Overall, I was impressed with the GrassTech. It may not be the prettiest tool on the block, but it does a good job making static grass fibers stand on end.

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