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Piko America large scale 2-6-0 steam locomotive

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Piko America LLC large scale 2-6-0 steam locomotive
Piko America LLC large scale 2-6-0 steam locomotive
Large scale modelers looking to expand their rosters with a light-duty steamer will want to check out this 2-6-0 Mogul from Piko. The model has a powerful mechanism and can be easily converted to Digital Command Control.

Freelanced 2-6-0. Mogul type steam locomotives had a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement and were built in North America from the mid-1800s into the early 1900s. Although the Southern Pacific built a heavy mainline Mogul in 1930, most 2-6-0s operating after 1900 served on branch lines, logging railroads, or other light-duty jobs.

The Piko model isn’t based on a specific prototype. The proportions of the model would make it a relatively small 2-6-0, such as those that were used on logging and mining railroads. In 1:29
proportion, the driver diameter is 51", the overall length is 54 feet, the wheelbase is 20 feet, the boiler diameter is 691⁄2", and the boiler length is 15 feet.

The paint on the model has a smooth, satin finish. The white lettering is straight and opaque. However, modelers should note that this paint scheme is also freelanced. Rio Grande didn’t have any Moguls that resembled the model and the road number doesn’t appear in any roster. The M-21 classification on the
sides of the cab corresponds with a class of SP 2-6-0s.

Separate detail parts on the model include the air pump and dynamo. The bell, flag holders, and handrails are plated plastic parts.

The mechanism. The motor is housed inside the weatherproof plastic boiler. The first and third driver axles are connected to the motor via gearboxes. Plastic side rods transfer power to the second driver axle.

The tender has plastic wheels that don’t pick up track power. An eight-pin plug on the tender plugs into a socket under the locomotive cab.

After removing six screws on the bottom of the plastic tender chassis, I lifted off the shell. Four screws connect the printed-circuit (PC) board to the tender chassis. Piko makes a DCC decoder (no. 36122) that replaces this PC board as well as a sound module (no. 36198) that includes a speaker that fits into an opening on the bottom of the chassis. When these components are installed the locomotive will run on DC or DCC layouts.

Running the engine. Piko recommends running the Mogul with a DC power supply of 0 to 24 volts and at least a 2-amp capacity. I tested the model with an LGB no. 50101 Jumbo transformer that met these specifications.

Although its mechanism was a bit noisy, the locomotive negotiated 600 mm curves without any difficulty. Two geared driver axles and traction tires also helped the 2-6-0 generate 2 pounds of drawbar pull during tests with our digital force meter. This equals about 32 large scale freight cars on straight and
level track.

The Piko Mogul is a solid choice for large scale modelers looking for a small generic steamer or the basis for their next kitbashing project.

Price: $249.99

PIKO America LLC
4610 Alvarado Canyon Rd., Ste. 5
San Diego, CA 92120

  • Ball-bearing driver axles
  • Electrical pickup on four drivers and two pickup shoes
  • Hook-and-loop coupler on tender at correct height
  • Light-emitting diode headlight and backup light
  • Metal drivers and pilot truck wheels in gauge
  • Minimum radius: 600 mm (23.62")
  • Operating smoke unit
  • Indoor or outdoor operation
  • Traction tires on first two drivers
  • Weight: 7 pounds 1 ounce (engine and tender), 5 pounds 9 ounces (engine only)

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