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Atlas HO scale Thrall triple 53-foot articulated well car

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Atlas HO scale Thrall triple 53-foot articulated well car
Atlas HO scale Thrall triple 53-foot articulated well car
Price: decorated, $109.95, undecorated, $89.95

Atlas Model Railroad Co.
378 Florence Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07205

Road names (five road numbers each): TTX (yellow and black), Pacer Stack Train (blue, white, and red), and undecorated.

Era: 2000 to present

Comments: This common Thrall articulated intermodal car is now available in HO scale from Atlas.
The major dimensions of the model match those of the prototype listed in The Official Railway Equipment Register (January 2005).

Introduced in early 2000, Thrall’s triple 53-foot articulated well car was designed to handle either 96" or 102" wide containers in 20-, 40-, 45-, 48- or 53-foot lengths. Each model car has three molded plastic wells labeled A, C, and B with a single brake wheel on the B end. The car is 205 scale feet long and has its air brake reservoirs and valves on the A and B wells.
Each well is detailed with side posts, etched-metal walkways, and formed wire grab irons and steps that match the specific prototypes. Pin holes in the floor secure the containers.

Our review sample was smoothly painted and covered with excellent printed lettering and loading data.

The car rides on four roller bearing trucks fitted with metal RP-25 wheelsets that are in gauge. Both ends have scale 33" wheels while the trucks at the articulated joints have 38" wheels. The three-unit car is free-rolling and will negotiate an 18" radius curve, but it looks better on 22" or larger curves.

The ends of the car have Accumate knuckle couplers body-mounted at the proper height. Two articulated joints mounted on top of the intermediate trucks connect the well platforms.

The model weighs only one ounce per well. Using the National Model Railroad Association’s Recommended Practice formula of 1 ounce plus ½ ounce per inch of length, each well should weigh 4½ ounces. There isn’t anywhere on the carbody to hide more weight, but the empty car didn’t derail on our layout. However I’d suggest placing containers with 3½ ounces of weight in each well to make sure it tracks smoothly during operation.

Overall, this is an excellent model of a contemporary intermodal car.

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