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Woodland Scenics track cleaning system

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Woodland Scenics track cleaning system
Woodland Scenics track cleaning system
This innovative tool from Woodland Scenics is part of the firm’s Tidy Track line and makes it easy to clean the rails almost anywhere on a model railroad.

A complete system. The Rail Tracker is a 21⁄2" inch long plastic tool that swivels on a knob. Indentations on the knob and base of the tool make it easy to grip. Two track cleaning pads fit on pegs on the bottom of the tool.

Two sets of hard rubber-like pads are included. One set is for regular cleaning. The other set, referred to as rescue pads, is slightly more abrasive and meant for removing heavy grime or rough spots. Both types of pads have grooves that fit over the rails.

Felt and cloth pads are also included. Cleaning fluid is applied with the felt pads, then the cloth pads are used to dry the rails. The set comes with a bottle of Woodland Scenics Clean Track Solution.

Depending on their orientation, all the pads will work on N, HO, and three-rail O gauge track.

A 12" plastic handle (included) fits into the tool and pivots 180 degrees. For a longer reach, the manufacturer recommends cutting a length of 3⁄4" diameter CPVC pipe and sliding it over the handle.
The Rail Tracker includes four different types of track cleaning pads
The Rail Tracker includes four different types of track cleaning pads
Cleaning track. I tested the Rail Tracker on our N scale Salt Lake Route and on a dirty stretch of the HO scale Milwaukee, Racine & Troy.

On the SLR I appreciated the tool’s ability to reach into tunnels and under the portal bracing of a through-truss bridge. On the MR&T the tool’s handle helped me avoid knocking down trees.

In both cases the cleaning pads picked up a lot of grime from the rails. I ran the maintenance pads along the track twice, followed by a pass each with the cleaning pads and finishing pads. On one grimy spot on the MR&T I made repeated passes with the heavy-duty rescue pads. After I cleaned the rails, locomotives ran without stalling.

The tool’s swiveling head made it easy for me to push the pads along the rails of curved track. According to the directions the head should be locked for cleaning turnouts. I found it easier to clean that type of track by hand with a rubber abrasive block, such as a bright boy or Woodland Scenics Rail Pad.

The Rail Tracker makes track cleaning an easier chore, and I’m sure we’ll continue to use it on our layouts.

Price: $34.99

Woodland Scenics
P.O. Box 98
Linn Creek, MO 65052

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