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CVP Products T5000E wireless Digital Command Control throttle

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CVP Products T5000E wireless DCC throttle
CVP Products T5000E wireless DCC throttle
A new, easy to use wireless Digital Command Control throttle is available from CVP Products. The model T5000E replaces earlier models with improved range, battery life, and ease of use.

I tested the throttle on our HO scale club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy, which is already equipped with a CVP EasyDCC system. There was no setup or configuration needed; I simply turned on the layout, typed in a locomotive number on the throttle, turned the knob, and the engine responded.

The menu accessed by pressing the green Power/Menu button is easy to understand and use. The first menu option lets you customize how long the throttle can sit idle before it shuts itself off to save battery life. You can set this anywhere from 1 to 9,999 minutes (almost 7 days). A thoughtful feature keeps the throttle awake if the currently active locomotive’s speed is not 0, saving you from having to try to stop a speeding locomotive with a dead throttle.

Other menu items let you change the throttle’s identification number, radio frequency, transmitting power, and transmission mode (scan or burst).

Though you can boost the transmitter power if you have a large layout, I found the throttle’s transmitter range impressive even on the factory default setting.
I was able to blow the horn on a sound-equipped locomotive while standing about 40 feet away from the base station. If your layout is smaller, lowering the transmitter power will save battery life.

Functions. The throttle’s keypad has buttons for functions F0-F9, which on most sound-equipped locomotives cover the horn, bell, lights, and other sound effects. There’s also a shift key that lets you input higher function numbers.

The letters and numbers on the liquid crystal display (LCD)were large, crisp, and easy to read under normal room light. Our sample came with the standard LCD, so I couldn’t test the optional backlight. Unless your layout room is poorly lit, the high-contrast display should be very readable.

The throttle can be set for 16, 32, or 128 speed steps. A little over one full turn of the knob equals 32 steps, which is the default setting. Note that this setting changes the responsiveness of the throttle knob but doesn’t program the decoder’s speed step setting.

Simple addition.
If you have a CVP Products DCC system that supports radio throttles, the T5000E is an obvious choice. Its powerful transmitter and easy-to-use features make it a simple way to improve your operating experience.

Price: With standard display, $159; with backlit display, $176; optional belt clip, $6

CVP Products
1475 Richardson Dr., Ste. 265
Richardson, TX 75080

  • Accessory decoder mode
  • Adjustable auto power-off time
  • Adjustable transmitter power
  • Eight-slot locomotive memory
  • Liquid-crystal digital (LCD) display with optional backlight
  • Locomotive quick-swap button
  • Selectable throttle ID and transmitter frequency
  • Supports functions F0 to F12

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