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TrainPro Manufacturing Co. analog rivet counting tool

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TrainPro Manufacturing Co. analog rivet counting tool
Price: $19.99 (special finish $29.99)

TrainPro Manufacturing Co.
1027 Commerce St.
Green River, UT 84525

Comments: For exacting model railroaders, TrainPro Manufacturing Co. has come up with the perfect tool: the TrainPro Rivet Counter.

This tool is easy to use and requires no special instructions or programming. Simply click on the push button to begin any rivet-counting process.

The tool can count up to 9,999 rivets on any steam locomotive or piece of rolling stock. It works in all scales from Z through O, and it can also be used to count rivets on large scale trains and even ride-on trains such as those in amusement parks.

After you are finished counting rivets, the tool can be reset by turning a knob on the side of the device.

We checked with Rob McGonigal, editor of Classic Trains magazine, who told us that the rivet count of a typical steam locomotive was less than 10,000, making the tool’s maximum count of 9,999 sufficient.

The count is displayed on four geared wheels that rotate on a central shaft. Numbers are displayed in white with a black background.

The tool includes a wire loop that can slip around your finger for easier handling. A carrying strap is sold separately.

The rivet counter is made from buffed nickel-plated steel. A higher-priced “Fool’s Gold” finish is available direct from the manufacturer. The device measures 1-1⁄2" x 2-3⁄4" x 2-3⁄4".

The tool is offered in an analog version only, which is appropriate for steam and transition-era rivet counters. The manufacturer claims that the tool also works on diesel locomotives. The TrainPro Rivet Counter can also be put to other uses on model railroads, such as counting cross ties, feeders, and even the number of cars in your fleet.

The TrainPro Rivet Counter is a limited-run product, and will be on hobby shop shelves starting April 1.

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