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Quick Look: Micro-Trains N scale 70-foot mail baggage car

Read this review from the November 2015 Model Railroader
Micro-Trains N scale 70-foot mail baggage car
Micro-Trains N scale 70-foot mail baggage car
The Micro-Trains N scale car is also available decorated for Canadian National.

Price: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, $29.95; Canadian National, $34.90

Micro-Trains Line Co.
351 Rogue River Pkwy.
Talent, OR 97540-1200

Road names: Chicago, Burlington & Quincy and Canadian National

Era: 1914 through late 1960s

Comments: This 70-foot mail baggage car is the latest body style offered by Micro-Trains Line Co. The
N scale model, based on a 1914 American Car & Foundry prototype, features an injection-molded plastic body, a one-piece underbody with basic detailing, and sprung diaphragms. Separate acetal stirrup steps are sandwiched between the body and underbody. The grab irons, brake hardware on the ends, and mail hook are all molded details.

The mail baggage car, like other Micro-Trains heavyweights, features a removable roof. Unfortunately, there’s no interior detail. Instead, you’ll find a metal weight and clear window glazing. There’s room to add details like the letter boxes, paper boxes, and pouch racks in the mail compartment and fish racks in the baggage compartment. However, you’ll need to sand the ridges on the weight so the floor is flat.

I compared the model to Chicago, Burlington & Quincy blueprints. The majority of the dimensions accurately match or are within scale inches of the prototype. The distance between the truck centers is a scale foot short.

The clerestory roof is accurately replicated with ventilator and sash detail, and the chimney is properly located on the mail compartment end of the car. The water tank was omitted from the underbody, and there should be two battery boxes next to the baggage compartment door.

The Pullman Green paint is smooth and evenly applied, and the Dulux Gold lettering is opaque and properly registered. The font for the road number is different than that used on the prototype. This can be fixed with some touch-up paint and decals.

The body-mounted Magne-Matic couplers are at the correct height, and the plastic wheelsets are properly gauged. At 1.2 ounces, the car is .625 ounce light based on National Model Railroad Association recommended practice 20.1. Weight can be added to the interior or between the center sills if you detail the inside of the car.

It’s nice to see Micro-Trains and other manufacturers produce head-end equipment. This well-rendered car would look good on a variety of CB&Q passenger trains in the heavyweight and streamlined eras.

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