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Sponsored Product Review: Mini Metals HO scale vehicles and accessories  Sponsored

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Coca-Cola collection, clockwise from upper left.
30510 1941-1946 Chevrolet stakebed truck, $19.95; 30509 1941-1946 Chevrolet box truck; $16.95, 1953 Ford Sedan Delivery; $9.95 20223 stacked shipping cases

Looking for some vintage Americana for your HO scale model railroad? Check out these delivery vehicles from the Classic Metal Works Mini Metals Collection by Round 2. The vehicles are all decorated for classic American brands, such as Texaco, Western Union, and Goodyear. There’s also a new collection of officially licensed Coca-Cola vehicles and accessories.

All the HO models match the major dimensions of their prototypes and are officially licensed from Ford and General Motors. Made of plastic, the vehicle bodies have well-defined door and hood seams. The underbody detail includes drive shafts and axles. The free-rolling wheels are mounted on metal axles and have separate vinyl tires.


31178 SoCal Freight 1941-1946 Chevrolet tractor-trailer set, $32.95; 30512 Sunoco 1960 Ford stakebed truck, $19.95

Chrome grills, as well as bumpers in the case of the Sedan Delivery, are separate parts. The trucks also include user-installed side-view mirrors.

The tractor-trailer sets include user-installed trailer landing gear. That way the trailer could be used either with the tractor on the road, or by itself with the landing gear deployed at a loading dock or trans loading facility scene on a model railroad.


30506 Hudepohl 1941-1946 Chevrolet refrigerated box truck, $19.95; 30508 Carling Black Label 1960 Ford refrigerated box truck, $19.95; 30505 Rheingold 1941-1946 Chevrolet refrigerated box truck, $19.95

Each vehicle includes a one-piece gray interior with seats and a steering wheel. All windows have clear plastic glazing. Removing a single Philips head screw on the underframe of a vehicle allowed me to easily disassemble it, making it easy to add figures or paint the interior.

All the models are smoothly painted. The graphics are clearly printed. The vintage advertisements on the sides of the trucks are especially well done. The Sedan delivery has chrome trim to match its prototype.


30503 Texaco 1953 Ford Sedan Delivery, $16.95; 30504 Western Union 1953 Ford Sedan Delivery, $16.95

Coca-Cola Collectors will be happy to see that the Coca-Cola branded models come in special packaging. Each vehicle also includes separate “matchbox” display boxes, with the particular vehicle illustrated on two sides.

In addition to vehicles there are stacks of Coca-Cola bottle cases, crates, 55-gallon drums, and mail sacks available separately. These work well as a load for the stake truck or as an interesting addition to a station platform, team track, small town grocery, or other model railroad scene.

Since they look great right out of the box, these Mini Metals Collection vehicles and accessories provide an easy way to add an interesting detail or two to your model railroad.

Round 2, LLC
4073 Meghan Beeler Court
South Bend, IN 46628

Prices: $32.95, 1941/1946 Chevy tractor-trailer sets; $19.95 (each), 1941/1946 Chevy box truck and stakebed truck; $19.95, 1941/1946 Chevy refrigerated box truck; $19.95 (each), 1960 Ford Box truck and stakebed truck; $19.95, 1960 Ford refrigerated box truck; $16.95, 1953 Ford Sedan Delivery; $9.95 (each), stacked crates, stacked bottling cases, and 55 gallon drums

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