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Sponsored Product Review: Brother ScanNCut DX SDX125e craft cutter  Sponsored

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The Brother ScanNCut DX SDX125e is designed to cut thicker materials, opening up a lot of possibilities for projects around the Model Railroader workshop.

Craft cutters are useful tools for scenery work, paint masks, and many other modeling tasks. But what about cutting thicker material, such as styrene or even wood? For these heavy-duty jobs, check out the powerful, new Brother DX SDX125e craft cutter.

An electronic cutting device or craft cutter allows you to cut intricate patterns that would be difficult or tedious to tackle by hand. These devices can also make very accurate straight cuts. Providing even more versatility, the Brother ScanNCut family of electronic cutting devices combines the functionality of a craft cutter with a built-in scanner.


The ScanNCut DX SDX125e comes with an Auto Blade, Auto Blade Holder, and low-tack cutting mat.

The DX SDX125e is essentially the bigger brother to the Brother ScanNCut 2 CM350 craft cutter that we reviewed in October 2018. The SDX125e can do everything that the CM350 can do, plus it can also cut thicker material – up to .1” (3MM) thick. Despite its power, the device hardly makes any noise while in operation.

Other enhancements include a higher resolution (600 dpi) and Auto Blade technology. With this latter feature the blades automatically adjust to the material thickness, without any manual adjustment.


The ScanNCut DX SDX125e includes two USB ports for sharing files from a thumbdrive (top) or connecting the device to a computer (bottom).

In the video above, Model Railroader Video Plus producer Ben Lake demonstrates how the Brother DX SDX125e takes things to the next level. Ben uses the larger ScanNCut device to accurately cut out HO scale caboose sides from .020” and .040” V-groove styrene siding. He also shows how the cutter can be used with 1/16” basswood, another popular model building material.

In the video, Ben also shows how to work with Brother’s powerful and easy-to-use design app, CanvasWorkSpace. The software is free for both Mac or PC. It allowed been to scan, resize, and select cuts after he scanned the prototype plan of the caboose into the machine.

After seeing how easy it was to create styrene car sides using the ScanNCut DX SDX125e craft cutter, the Model Railroader and MR Video Plus staff members are already dreaming up other project ideas for this versatile tool.

Facts & Features

Brother International
200 Crossing Blvd.
Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0911

Price: $349.95

• 11.7” scanning area
• 5” LCD touchscreen
• Accommodates 12” x 12” or 12” x 24” cutting mats
• Additional blades and blade holders available separately
• Auto Blade sensor technology that automatically detects material thickness
• Built-in 600 dpi scanner
• Built-in storage compartments
• Cuts up to .1” (3mm) thick material
• On-screen image editing
• Standalone capability or connect to a computer via USB cable (not included)
• Whisper-quiet mechanism
• Wireless network ready
• Wirelessly connect to a PC or tablet

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