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Walthers HO scale wood coaling tower

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If your steam-era railroad needs a compact locomotive servicing terminal, Walthers has a new HO scale structure that will fill the bill (and your locomotive’s tender). The compact Wood Coaling Tower (item no. 933-4202) is big enough to keep a handful of steam locomotives fueled without taking up a lot of layout space. Its short height also makes it perfect for a multi-deck layout where air space might be at a premium. The kit assembles easily and precisely, forming a realistic, visually interesting structure that would look right on any steam-era model railroad.

The prototype and the model. The coal tower is quite small, being about 3" square (not counting the unloading grate behind the tower) and standing under 8" tall. But this isn’t a selectively compressed model; it’s based on a small prototype built by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy at Gilman, Mo. Though the prototype was built in 1924, there’s nothing about this model that would make it out of place on a railroad set earlier in the steam era.

The tower is set up for use with two tracks: one in front for locomotives to load up with fuel, and one in back where coal hoppers dump their loads into a between-­the-rails unloading grate. If your locomotive servicing facility doesn’t have space for the unloading track, it should be easy to cut the grate off the back of the base and switch it to the front for single-track use.

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